‘Really does work!’: Keep your garden ‘pest-free’ using natural ‘go-to method’

‘Really does work!’: Keep your garden ‘pest-free’ using natural ‘go-to method’


Aphids: RHS gardening expert gives tips for dealing with pests

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For gardeners, combatting garden pests tends to feel like an ongoing struggle, especially those who have lots of plants, foliage or vegetables growing. Pests can range from bugs that nibble at leaves, to larger vermin which can easily spread disease around the garden. Gardening experts at Old World Garden Farms have shared three simple natural solutions to control pests effectively in gardens.

They said: “Yes, it really is possible to stop garden pests naturally, without having to spray harmful and dangerous pesticides on the food you grow.

“There is nothing more frustrating than watching perfectly healthy crops become decimated by pests. 

“Whether it’s aphids, cabbage worms, beetles or the dreaded hornworm, it seems as though they can destroy crops overnight.

“But that doesn’t mean you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of dangerous insecticides to keep your garden pest-free.”

The simple truth is, many commercial sprays, dusts, and pest control products do more harm than good.

Not only are they questionable to use safely on edible vegetables and fruit, they are also non-discriminating. 

Meaning they wipe out the good insects right along with the ones causing the immediate problem.

The gardening pros explained that companion planting is the “go-to method” for naturally deterring pests.

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They said: “Companion planting has been our number one, go-to method for stopping pests naturally in the garden for the last five years and it works wonders.

“There are some wonderful beneficial relationships when certain plants grow near one another. 

“Take basil, tomatoes and pepper plants as an excellent example of how to stop garden pests from causing damage with companion planting.

“Basil is a well-known deterrent against tomato hornworms, aphids, and beetles and when planted alongside or in close proximity to tomato and pepper plants, it protects them naturally. 

“In fact, as an added benefit, basil supposedly even improves the flavour of tomatoes when grown nearby.”

It works in much the same manner to stop garden pests naturally when onions and garlic are growing near cabbage and fellow Brassicaceae family members. 

Both onions and garlic are known as excellent repellents for cabbage moths, worms and loopers, and help keep cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower pest free.

Growing marigolds in the garden are great for deterring pests, according to experts.

They said: “Its pungent scent helps to repel aphids, nematodes, tomato hornworms, squash bugs and cabbage worms. 

Even more, it also can help to keep rabbits, deer and squirrels out too.

Hand picking is always an option for getting rid of pests in the garden.

The gardening gurus said: “You might be surprised, but of all of the natural pest control methods we employ, hand picking is the biggest help of all.

“Believe it or not, simply visiting your garden for a few minutes each day to check crops and remove any invading pests will do wonders for long-term pest management.

“Armed with a small bucket of soapy water, we simply pick off any dangerous pests we see. 

“Not only does it protect the good pests, but it keeps the bad ones from multiplying. And yes, it really does work!”

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