Bhad Bhabie Threatens to Sue Airbnb, Company Says It's Nothing Personal

Bhad Bhabie Threatens to Sue Airbnb, Company Says It's Nothing Personal


Bhad Bhabie‘s got beef … but it’s not with another rapper. It’s with Airbnb.

The “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper is pissed off at the vacation rental company to the point she’s threatening to file a lawsuit. Her problem? BB’s pissed Airbnb will let an 18-year-old like her sign up for an account on the site but NOT let her book a rental.

She posted a series of messages Tuesday morning on her Instagram Story, which have since been deleted, lashing out at Airbnb. In one story she wrote, “F*** @airbnb ya’ll are weird asf not renting to me Bc I’m 18 FYI I’ve never thrown a party in my life believe it or not . Ya’ll will b hearing from my lawyer bitches.”

In a separate Story, she asked, “Why am I able to sign up then???” Good question. But, Airbnb sources say it’s nothing personal. They also point to Airbnb’s age requirements policy.

The policy strictly says that “in some locations, people under age 25 with fewer than 3 positive reviews can’t book entire home listings within their local areas” but “they can still book nearby private rooms and hotel rooms. Outside the local area, they can book any type of listing.”

It’s unclear where Bhad Bhabie was trying to book or for what purpose … but we did reach out to a rep for Danielle who said, “She feels it’s blatant age discrimination. She pointed out that her manager who is twice her age is way more likely to be throwing a party at an Airbnb than she is.”

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