Costco and Kroger Recall Frozen Berries Because of Hepatitis A Contamination

Costco and Kroger Recall Frozen Berries Because of Hepatitis A Contamination


Fruit lovers, check your freezers because a selection of frozen berries from Kroger and Costco have been recalled.

The FDA has issued a public health alert warning consumers that several berry products manufactured by Townsend Farms Inc. were found to be contaminated with Hepatitis A when sampled as part of an ongoing frozen berry sampling assignment.

The products in question from Kroger are the Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (48 ounce) expiring July 7, 2020; Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (16 ounce) expiring June 19, 2020; and Private Selection Frozen Blackberries (16 ounce) that expire between June 19, 2020 and July 2, 2020.

The recalled Costco products are their four pound bags of Kirkland Signature brand Three Berry Blend which have best-by dates between February 16, 2020, and May 4, 2020.

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The Kroger products were distributed to all Kroger and Kroger-affiliate stores across the country, including Ralphs, Fry’s and Fred Meyer. The affected Costco products were sold in Costco stores located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

The FDA suggests checking your freezer to ensure you don’t have one of the contaminated berries by referencing the best-before date on the product. You can also check the recall alert page on the FDA website to determine the impacted UPC codes. If you do happen to find one of the affected products in your home, be sure to dispose of it immediately, and do not eat the berries within.

Hepatitis A symptoms can include fever, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, jaundice, dark urine, and pale stool, and liver infection that may or may not result in illness. If you think you may have been infected with the past two weeks, the FDA recommends reaching out to your doctor. No cases have been reported in relation to the berries so far.

While you’re cleaning out your kitchen and disposing of your berries, keep an eye out for other food recalls that have been reported in recent weeks. In early June, Perdue Foods recalled over 31,000 lbs. of chicken out of fear that it may have been laced with a number of extraneous materials, such as pieces of bone. Also in June, Johnsonville recalled about 95,393 lbs. of sausages that may have been contaminated with plastic material. 

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