Make-up artist’s ‘vile’ fake tan fail left pals convinced she’d been kidnapped

Make-up artist’s ‘vile’ fake tan fail left pals convinced she’d been kidnapped


A MAKEUP artist left her friends fearing she had been kidnapped after her fake tan fail made it appear that someone else's hand was covering her mouth in 'vile' pictures.

Lucy Regler, 21, had layered on a self tanning mousse in the hopes of getting a sun-kissed summer look, but after forgetting to exfoliate and moisturise, was left with bright orange hands.

Lucy had turned to fake tan before a 'posh' brand event she was desperate to have a holiday look for, but she was left blushing by the patchy coverage that came out much darker than she expected.

Shocked by the outcome, Lucy posed for pictures with her dark orange hand over her face to show the brilliant contrast – as well as showing off her tan 'beard' under her chin.

But after sharing the snaps online, friends became convinced she had been kidnapped and that the tanned hand over Lucy's mouth belonged to someone else.

"People made comments that they thought somebody else was grabbing me," Lucy explained. "They said, 'I thought you were being kidnapped, you could have got away with that'."

Her friends were left in 'hysterics' when they found out the real reason behind the hand – which Lucy says is down to using the 'wrong side of the tanning mitt', resulting in streaks across her body.

And while everyone saw the funny side, Lucy said the results are so diabolical that she has been put of self tanning for life.

"It looks absolutely vile," she continued. "There won't be a next time – not for myself anyway. I'd tell others just don't fake tan ever. Don't do it.
"I've scrubbed, I've itched and everything – I've used a skin peeler and it didn't work, nothing will get it off. It's just not fading and now I'll have to wait.

How to avoid a fake tan fail

  • Preparation is key – always exfoliate your skin the day before and make sure you shave at least 12 hours before to allow pores to close.
  • Cleanse skin before applying the tan to remove any excess deodorant, moisturiser, perfume or make-up.
  • Take your time – a rushed tan is a recipe for disaster. Be careful with tricky areas like ankles, elbows and hands – and always use a mitt.
  • Don't overdo it – when it comes to tanning fingers, toes, wrists and ankles, don't use too much product. Use the excess to apply a limited amount (try squeezing the mitt together) – this will provide a more natural look on notoriously tricky areas.
  • Maintain it by using a non-oil based moisturiser every day and be careful to pat dry your skin after showering. Vigorously scrubbing your skin can lead to cracking and flaking

"Leave it in the bottle and stay pale all your life. It's not worth of hassle of everybody's laughter and trying to get the fake tan off."

The make up artist admitted she even tried hair bleach on her hands to get the colour off, after she piled on three layers of the tanner when she was disappointed with the initial colour.

Lucy, who also works at McDonald's, added: "I did one coat on Friday and it didn't even look like I had tan on – so I did it again on Saturday.

"I was chucking layers on and it wasn't making any difference so I thought I'd keep going. My hands weren't changing so I lathered my hands with it.

"The next morning when I woke up I just cried. The colour compared to the rest of my body was just diabolical. I've learnt my lesson."

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