Kate Moss Announces Her New Brand With a Mystifying Nude Video

Kate Moss Announces Her New Brand With a Mystifying Nude Video


You’re not ready for this magical video Kate Moss took for her new brand. It’s beautiful, elegant, and mesmerizing all in one! On Aug 23, Moss posted a video of herself to two of her Instagram pages, @katemossagency and @cosmoss. She posted the video with the caption, “Mesmerising and magical. COSMOSS is self-care created for life’s modern journeys. @Cosmoss Coming 01.09.22. Join at www.cosmossbykatemoss.com.”

You can see the video HERE.

In the mesmerizing video, we see a fully nude Moss walking to a creek, looking back at the camera. She jumped in elegantly, swimming away as the camera fades to black. Trust us when we say this black-and-white video is the definition of mystifying, and fans can’t get enough of it. One fan commented in response to the news, “If it makes your bum look that good, I’m getting some. ❤️” Another fan added, “Yessss can not wait ❤️.”

So yes, you read that caption right: Moss is expanding her empire to the wellness side of the business world. From what we know right now, it’s a wellness brand inspired by Moss’ experiences. Set to be released on Sept 1, it’s all about healing, self-awareness, and being in tune with oneself. We’re marking our calendars!

It’s no secret that Moss is a confidence queen, and in a recent interview, we got a bit more information on how she gets this confidence in herself. “Don’t be scared to love what you love. Whether it’s a man, woman, clothes. Whatever you love, you should be able to say you love it. Just be true to yourself,” she told fans earlier this year.

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