Krayzie Bone Thinks AI Rappers Will Take Real Rappers' Jobs

Krayzie Bone Thinks AI Rappers Will Take Real Rappers' Jobs


Capitol Records is raising eyebrows with its recent signing of a digital rapper named FN Meka — an artificial lifeform that creates music through computer intelligence — and veteran human MC Krayzie Bone has mixed thoughts!

We got the Bone ThugsNHarmony member outside of Dash Radio and on one hand, he thinks it could start a booming trend … which isn’t hard to see, given the popularity of TikTok, the metaverse and cryptocurrency.

Of course, Krayzie sees the writing on the wall … real rappers could be out of work and label signings as a result of the digital uprising.

He’s not alone in his thinking … The Game, Lil Mama and R&B singer Sammie all railed against the announcement … forcing FN Meka (or its handlers) to make the Instagram account private, which is not a good look for a new artist — real or otherwise.

One weighty cosign FN Meka has going for him/it is Gunna, who was featuring with gaming streamer Clix on the AI rapper’s debut single, “Florida Water.”

Krayzie also took time out to address the ongoing legal drama brewing between Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and their Verzuz partners at Triller.

If you remember, Krayzie was a part of one of the most memorable episodes … Bone Thugs Verzuz Three 6 Mafia, most notable for Bizzy Bone‘s wild on-stage brawl that almost shut down the event.

Krayzie says he and the team never had an issue getting paid nor did they perceive any bad business being conducted … which, on the surface, might support Triller’s claim the issue is a “personal one” for Swizz and Tim.

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