Elaine Ng willing to give Etta, her love child with Jackie Chan, more freedom to run her life

Elaine Ng willing to give Etta, her love child with Jackie Chan, more freedom to run her life


Elaine Ng has a Mother’s Day gift but it comes from her to her daughter Etta.

She is now willing to let Etta, her love child with gongfu icon Jackie Chan, to have more control over how the 19-year-old runs her own life.

Etta’s lifestyle choices and quarrels with her mother have regularly made headlines in Hong Kong.

Married to Internet personality Andi Autumn, 31, Etta recently could not pay the bill for their Mong Kok hostel stay, and had to approach Elaine for help.

But their reunions are brief, and mother and daughter still cannot see eye to eye on many issues, and continue to have a testy relationship.

Still, Elaine, 45, told Ming Pao earlier this week that their stormy dealings have not been a total loss.

“I’ve learnt something after each experience. People need to grow and improve,” she said of her inclination now to loosen the parenting reins.

Realising that a mother can realistically provide only advice, she added: “She has (at least) seen my text messages so I’m thankful.”

She is no longer upset if Etta is slow in replying, realising that her daughter must be busy making a life for herself and Autumn.

Previously, there was talk of the young couple starting a business.

“At first, I was disappointed but I realised I need to see it from her perspective. For example, she may be too busy to reply,” said Elaine, revealing that she was more anxious previously.

That fear of something bad happening to Etta once led Elaine to report to the authorities that her daughter was uncontactable. Etta lashed out at Elaine after officers were sent to her apartment to investigate, drawing unwanted talk from the neighbours.

Elaine is also trying to do more with her life, mulling over new business ventures and finding calm in painting, with hopes to exhibit her works one day.

According to Ming Pao, she said she is no longer preoccupied with Etta’s marriage, even if there is talk that it has come under strain.

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