This BEIS Luggage Product Review Will Convince You These Trendy Bags Are Must-Haves

This BEIS Luggage Product Review Will Convince You These Trendy Bags Are Must-Haves


I’m the biggest sucker for trendy-looking luggage. All I want in life is to look glam at the airport, regardless of what I’m wearing (because I do love a good, cozy travel outfit). Cute luggage can help me achieve just that. So when I saw that Shay Mitchell’s travel bag brand, BÉIS, was releasing luggage, I had to get my hands on them. I recently took them for a (literal) spin on a month-long trip through four countries, and I think this BÉIS luggage product review will totally convince you to invest in them, too.

Before placing my order for BÉIS’ rolling luggage, I was already a fan of the brand. I own quite a few of their pieces — including their popular weekender, gym duffle, and cosmetic case. I love them all, so I had high expectations for the luggage. Let me tell you — they did not disappoint.

After rolling the carry-on and the check-in rollers between five different cities, checking them onto planes, and dragging them onto trains, I can safely say the BÉIS rolling luggage is well-worth the investment. (Plus, they’ll gift you with some pretty stellar pics for the ‘Gram.)

Read on for all of my thoughts on this trendy luggage, and to hear how these rolling bags held up on my month-long tour through five cities.

My month-long trip included stops in Tampa, Florida; Paris; London; Åhus, Sweden; and Stockholm. Between each of these destinations was a flight (except for the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm after the stop in Åhus), and I checked both bags for each of the flights. I got them in the beige color, which is totally stunning in person. (One note on the color is that the beige did scuff easily, but I was able to remove the smudges with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.)

My first impression of the luggage was that it seemed super functional and sturdy. I loved that it’s very light, even though it’s hard-shelled, and I was really impressed with the layout. Both sizes have a covered, zippered compartment on the left side. The flap has two small pockets for easy storage, which definitely came in handy when I packed. The right side is covered by a mesh panel that can be flattened with compression straps, which is perfect for packing clothes.

Specifically in the carry-on, I was amazed at how much I was able to fit into it. I was also able to use the weight indicator on the side handle to gauge how much wiggle room I had (the indicator turns red when you hit 50 pounds), which really helped my packing process, because I don’t have a scale at home.

Throughout my travels, the luggage proved to be extremely durable. The wheels effortlessly glided through the airports, so I didn’t have to exert myself too much, even with the weight of them, and the cushioned handles actually proved to make a huge difference as I brought the luggage around. (All of my other luggage doesn’t have cushioned handles, and I could really feel how much the padding in the handle impacted the comfort in my hands when I had to roll the luggage for an extended amount of time.)

Through six flights, one train ride, and countless taxis, the luggage held up better than I could have ever imagined. These rollers made packing so easy — especially because of the internal space and the weight indicator — and I got endless compliments on them in the airports and beyond. I think that the bags are totally worth the investment, especially if you’re someone who enjoys taking airport #OOTD pics when you’re traveling. I loved the contrast that the beige luggage made against my (usually) monochromatic black outfits.

As someone who needs stylish-yet-sturdy luggage to accompany me on my travels, I can honestly say these BÉIS bags will stay in my luggage rotation for years to come.

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