The surprising kids items you are BANNED from taking on a flight | The Sun

The surprising kids items you are BANNED from taking on a flight | The Sun


FAMILIES planning their long-awaited summer holiday could be in for a shock at some items BANNED from flights.

Everyday items and even some travel essentials could be confiscated at security checks because of strict luggage rules.

Sleeping devices and restraints

Children often struggle to sleep on planes but there are travel accessories to help, such as hammocks and boxes that extend the seat.

However, accessories that convert the seats to beds are banned by some airlines such as Qantas and British Airways.

Nerf guns, water guns, toy weapons

Any toys that imitate weapons are banned – even if it's unlikely that they will cause any injury.

They can also get flagged at security checks, especially when going through x-ray machines.

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Any toy that could resemble a weapon should be placed into the hold, as the government advises that "imitation explosive devices (including replica or model guns)" are banned.

Medical equipment such as epi-pen and inhalers

Any medicine or medical equipment that's prescribed by a doctor is generally allowed in the cabin if it is accompanied by a note.

However there are restrictions – while inhalers are allowed on board, additional canisters are not and must be packed into the hold, according to Gatwick Airport.

Epi-pens, while also allowed, should be accompanied by a doctor's note.

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Check the rules regarding medicine before travelling with itCredit: Alamy


Airlines such as easyJet have banned the sale of all nuts on their flights, with passengers asked not to bring them onboard.

Most countries have strict rules about the food items you can bring into their borders too, to preserve the local environment.

So if you take any fruit or nuts on board, they should be consumed during the flight or thrown away to avoid any problems when landing.

Breast milk

According to the government website, parents are allowed to take unlimited baby food and breast milk into the cabin, as long as each container is no bigger than 2l.

However, frozen breast milk is not allowed, and the family must be travelling with a child to be allowed to take them on board.

The government also advises checking with the airport as they could have different rules.

Souvenirs such as snow globes

Snow globes are harmless souvenirs but you shouldn't try to take them on a flight.

It's all because it's impossible for airport security to tell how much liquid is in them.

We've also revealed the clothes that could you banned from your flight.

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