Man slammed by his girlfriend for going on holiday without her – but people are divided | The Sun

Man slammed by his girlfriend for going on holiday without her – but people are divided | The Sun


A MAN has left his girlfriend furious after revealing that he planned to go on holiday without her.

However, when he shared his plans to travel solo to Florida on Reddit, users were left divided.

In a post on the site, the bloke explained that he and his other half had been invited by his parents to spend two weeks with them during the winter.

He said they both agreed to go – but ran into problems when it came to her getting a visa.

He explained: "I am a Canadian citizen, but she is a PR from Philippines so will need a US travel visa to enter for a vacation.

"She has started the application, but recently found out that with the massive backlog of appointments, she may not be able to get her visa in time to travel.


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"This is not her fault as the wait times are crazy and we will likely be able to still get it in time, but it's something we have to consider."

He then explained that she said he shouldn't go if she wasn't able to – which he didn't agree with.

He continued: "When I asked what we should do if she can't get a visa, she responded that we just wouldn't go. I was a bit taken aback because I was still keeping the option open to go myself, so I told her that.

"She really did not like that idea and it's been a fight now. She says it's unfair for me to abandon her and run off on a vacation without her."

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The man explained that some of the reasons he still wanted to go ahead with the trip included that his parents – in their 70s – are getting older and he wanted to spend quality time with them, and also relax from his high-stress job.

He added that he would be playing for the flight out of his own funds, and that they could still go on holiday together when her visa and their work schedules allow it.

After asking Reddit users what they thought, people were divided over who they felt was right and wrong.

Some felt that he was being unreasonable, with one writing: "If you value a holiday over your girlfriend you need to talk!"

Another simply commented: "You the a*****e."

However, many rushed to his defence and insisted that it was fine for couples to holiday apart from time to time – particularly when family is involved.

A third shared: "My husband sometimes visits his family without me: I sometimes visit family without him. It’s not a horrible sin."

A fourth added: "It's reasonable to go on a trip to see your parents without your girlfriend. It's understandable she'd be upset that she can't go."

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