I've been travelling for 23 years – here is the clever hotel item I always use and it's free | The Sun

I've been travelling for 23 years – here is the clever hotel item I always use and it's free | The Sun


A WOMAN has revealed her clever hotel room hack that gives her an extra four foot of shelf space – and it's completely free.

Samantha Brown posted the video on her Instagram account after staying at a hotel with her favourite freebie – an ironing board.

In the video, she shares the different ways other guests can use an ironing board aside from the obvious.

She said: "Do you know that there is an amenity in your hotel room that is often overlooked, and totally underappreciated, but will completely change the efficiency of your hotel room?

"It's the ironing board! Get it out of the closet."

She then fully extended the ironing board at the foot of her bed, and leant across the length of it.

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She continued: "The ironing board is four and a half feet more precious counter space.

"It's really handy when you're sharing one room with your family and just running out of places to put things.

"Or maybe it's just you, and you travel with a lot of stuff, the ironing board doesn't judge."

She then lowered the ironing board down to a child-friendly height, and explained that it can be used as an activity table with colouring books and crayons for young children.

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She later clarified that guests should cover the ironing board with a sheet or a blanket so the board isn't damaged from wax or colourful ink.

She said: "And maybe, just maybe, they'll give you 10 minutes so mum can enjoy a glass of wine."

However, her favourite use for the ironing board is to transform it into a desk.

In the video, she places the ironing board in front of a window so she can get some natural light when she's working at the hotel.

She also explains that the ironing board can function as a standing desk, if you need to stretch your legs.

The video has been liked more than 22,000 times, with many people agreeing with the influencer.

Many said it was "brilliant" and vowed to use the clever hack the next time they travelled.

One person added their own advice: "When travelling with a group of students and parents we'd use ironing boards for breakfast buffets, loading them up with muffin, cereal bars, fruit etc… We thought we were so clever."

However, others weren't impressed. One said: "I've had a lot of white blouses and other nice things ruined by ironing other people's spills into my garments. I'm not a fan of this idea at all."

Ironing boards could also be used as a dining table according to another video, or extra counter space in the bathroom.

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