This Too Faced Lip Plumping Gloss Dupe Fakes Lip Injections & Is Just $5

This Too Faced Lip Plumping Gloss Dupe Fakes Lip Injections & Is Just $5


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Truly, who among us is immune to the urge for a bit of filler here and there to achieve pillowy, full lips? If you can resist, more power to you — but for the rest of us who want to get a fuller pout the needle-free route, there are luckily tons of lip-plumping lip glosses on the market. Chief among them is the Too Faced Lip Injection lip plumper line, which includes three cult-favorite lip glosses that are up to $33 a tube.

I have to admit from experience, Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumper lip gloss does deliver on its promise — and the tingly sensation followed by luscious lips is obsession-worthy — but at $33 a pop, it makes it hard to justify a constant restock. Luckily, there’s a Too Faced dupe that’s sending TikTokers into a tizzy, and it’s less than one-sixth of the price. The very viral Essence What the Fake! Lip Filler — just $5 at Target — is “so similar on the lips, I can’t tell the difference,” one of many TikTokers reported.

Essence What The Fake! Lip Filler

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Plenty of TikTokers are proving that the Essence gloss dupe — which comes in clear and tinted versions — has the same lip-plumping power as Too Faced. You can tell by the side-by-sides, like this TikToker who had dramatic results. “I can honestly say [Essence] is a dupe, you guys. They do the exact same thing,” she reported after letting both glosses sit and take effect for a few minutes, noting that the Essence one was a “little more tingly” a little earlier in the process. 

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Yes, the tingle tells you it’s working, and it’s part of the fun — and other TikTokers, like this one, also reported that Essence What the Fake! Lip Filler lip gloss came in quick with the tingle and didn’t disappoint with the plumping effect. “Immediately it’s tingling right now,” she said as she was still swiping the essence gloss on the right side of her pout. “I feel like the essence one is a little more pigmented than the Too Faced one,” she added before concluding, “I honestly feel like you don’t necessarily see the difference.”

Essence What The Fake! Lip Filler

So how do lip plumping lip glosses work to give you the look of freshly injected lips anyway? They include a mild, usually natural irritant like mint or chli pepper extract — which Essence lip plumper contains — to make your blood vessels expand and get your circulation flowing, so your lips actually swell, according to WebMD. No, it’s not an illusion, they actually do enhance the volume of your lips — but only temporarily of course. Essence What the Fake! Lip Filler lip gloss also contains hyaluronic acid, known for its hydrating prowess, and vitamin E for smooth and supple skin.

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The makers of Essence What the Fake! Lip Filler lip gloss really went the extra mile getting this lip plumper to look and feel like Too Faced, so much so that this TikToker noted, “the packaging…is spot on. I don’t know how they’re able to get away with that,” while this one noted that “it caught my eye because it actually does look like the Too Faced Lip Injection, which I love.” She goes on to say that Too Faced was her “go-to” gloss for years, but the much more affordable — and equally sparkly — Essence What the Fake! has now dethroned her former fave. “My top lip is so defined, I love this,” she said, adding that the Essence gloss is “not sticky at all — Too Faced has a little bit of competition!”.

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