Kate Middleton Has Reportedly Done a Total 180 on Her Feelings Toward Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Kate Middleton Has Reportedly Done a Total 180 on Her Feelings Toward Meghan Markle & Prince Harry


When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the royal family in 2020, royal fans and British royal family members alike weren’t ready to forgive them. But, when it comes to the royals, one might forget that they’re a family after all and that keeping the family together, even at a long distance, is important. And, according to a new source, that’s exactly what Kate Middleton wanted in the beginning. Nowadays, however, she thinks quite differently.

“When you come from a happy, united family — as Catherine does — it’s incredibly hard to understand how people can become estranged,” BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine, per Page Six. “I think she believed the rift could be fixed.”

Bond even gave some evidence of the Princess of Wales’ attempts at making amends, including talking to Harry and “encouraging William to do the same” at Prince Philip’s funeral in Sept 2022.

“But we now know that it didn’t work,” Bond continued. “In fact, William and Harry had a blazing row right after the funeral.”

As a result, Middleton started to realize the wounds were too deep to be patched up. “There comes a point when you just have to accept that happy families are not a game that everyone can play,” Bond added.

According to Bond, both Middleton and William have now accepted that truth, and are moving on. “They’ve closed their minds to that [reconciliation] possibility and decided to get on with their lives,” she stated.

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Prior to these insights on how Middleton is feeling, sources confirmed that the Waleses’ new chapter far from the drama has been quite impressive. “William and Kate are more in sync than ever,” a palace insider told Us Weekly. “They cherish what they have with each other.”

“They’re in awe of each other,” the source added on the pair, who have been married since 2011. “William tells anyone who will listen that he couldn’t do it without Kate, and she echoes that right back.”

“They’re the first to admit it’s been a tough year, but everyone agrees William and Kate have done a wonderful job staying strong in the face of such adversity,” the sources added, noting that, to them, “family comes first, and it always will.”

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