Shoppers rave over delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding Hobnobs – they’re just £1.35

Shoppers rave over delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding Hobnobs – they’re just £1.35


British foodies have been going wild for McVitie’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Hobnob’s – and they look delicious.

The special-edition biscuits hit shelves in December 2020, but seem to have gained a loyal fanbase in the time since.

Over on Reddit, a shopper uploaded a snap of his favourite new snack and said: “These are special. Do yourself a favour and get some.”

And foodies in the comments couldn’t help but agree.

One person wrote: “Absolutely love these, 100% my favourite biscuit."

“I keep buying multiple packs in the fear that they’re a limited edition,” exclaimed a second.

“Missus has a packet sitting on the table between us,” added another .”She bloody knows I'm trying to cut back.”

Others were desperate to try them.

A sweet-toothed foodie noted: “I feel like this should be marked NSFW.

“Will get some after work, thanks OP.”

“Might just have to take a walk to the shops at lunch…” said another.

A third commented: “Can honestly smash a whole pack of hobnobs in one sitting with two brews.”

While a fan wrote: “Happy Cake Day! I know just what you can buy to treat yourself….”

The biscuits were released as part of McVitie’s ‘ Best of British Desserts ’ collection.

The four new flavours include Lemon Drizzle, Strawberry Cheesecake flavoured Digestive.

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There’s also Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Brownie Hobnobs.

You can buy the Hobnobs for £1.35 at Tesco.

Meanwhile, Subway fans can now order their sandwich with Walkers crisps on top.

And, M&S has launched three cake jar flavours – including a chocolate Colin the Caterpillar.

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