Shoppers are hailing this £6 cleansing bar a 'game changer' for bacne

Shoppers are hailing this £6 cleansing bar a 'game changer' for bacne


Do you struggle with body acne? Shoppers are hailing this £6 cleansing bar a ‘game changer’ for tackling bacne and breakouts

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Back acne, aka bacne, is stubborn, uncomfortable and can be particularly irritating in the summer when we want to show more skin. 

Similarly to acne, bacne is caused when there’s a build up of excess sebum and dead skin cells. While it can be a hormonal change, sweat is a big factor in back acne, which can be why many people struggle with breakouts in the summer months. 

Whether you have a bothersome bout of bacne or have blemishes on other parts of your body, you may be interested to see that thousands of Amazon shoppers are hailing the £5.93 Revitale Advanced Salicylic Acid & Sulphur Scrub Treatment Soap a ‘game changer’ in the battle against spots. 

The £5.94 (was £7.99) cleaning scrub treatment helps to fight pesky pimples on your back, shoulders or chest

Sadly while there is not a one rule fits all solution to acne, there are a few tried-and-true ingredients that have been seriously effective in the fight against spots and blemishes. 

Salicylic acid (beta-hydroxy acid aka BHA) is one active ingredient that’s hailed as a spot-busting hero. An incredible chemical exfoliator, it penetrates deep down into enlarged pores to eliminate spots and remove dead skin build-up. 

The Revitale Advanced Salicylic Acid & Sulphur Scrub Treatment is filled with pore-clearing salicylic acid, skin-smoothing crushed almond kernels and hydrating vitamin E to help reveal a clearer complexion.

According to over 3,000 perfect five-star reviews, the affordable Revitale Advanced Salicylic Acid & Sulphur Scrub Treatment is well-worth a go if you struggle with body acne. 

The skin cleanser is packaged in bar form and is filled with pore-clearing ingredients like salicylic acid to remove dead cells and sulphur, which naturally goes to work removing bacteria and absorbing excess oil.

While many shoppers have seen impressive results on both their face and body, the abundance of exfoliating almond and walnut shell particles means that it can be drying, so we would recommended only using this on your body.

Bacne can be a difficult problem to tackle, but salicylic acid treatments may help

Smoothed over damp skin in the shower, shoppers rave about the soap’s ability to treat bacne and excess oil effectively. 

One delighted user left a rave review for the Revitale Advanced Salicylic Acid & Sulphur Scrub Treatment, writing: ‘Although I am not an acne sufferer I do get occasional spots on my back or chest after exercising. Since using this soap for the last month after my workouts I am now clear of spots. Great product!’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I get acne on my upper shoulders and the top of my arms.’ they went on to write ‘Ive been using this soap for a couple of days and it’s made a noticeable difference to my skin already. 

‘The active acne I had has shrunk in size, stopped hurting and the marks from old acne appear to have faded somewhat as well.’

A third penned: ‘I have been experiencing bad acne on my shoulders and I’ve been using this soap for about a week and it’s made such a significant change in my skin.

‘I am confident all the blemishes will be gone within the next week. It has also helped treat the keratosis pilarus that I get elsewhere on my body. It leaves the skin feeling soft whilst simultaneously drying out the acne.’

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