‘Powerful speaker’: Prince Charles will have ‘unstilted, more engaging style’ as Monarch

‘Powerful speaker’: Prince Charles will have ‘unstilted, more engaging style’ as Monarch


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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are both fans of poetry, and Clarence House posted videos of the royal couple reciting poetry on Twitter and Instagram to celebrate National Poetry Day. The post read: “Happy #NationalPoetryDay!

“#TBT to The Prince of Wales reading William Wordsworth’s ‘Ode: Intimations of Immortality’, recorded for National Poetry Day 2020.”

The two-minute video clip wowed royal fans, who were impressed to hear the future King speak so majestically.

Dr Wajid Ali Khan wrote: “Very beautiful and realistically said by his Excellency Prince Charles.”

Bruce Angelson agreed, saying: “Truth be told, it’s an excellent poem and an excellent reading. Well done.”

Louise Thomas added: “I love hearing HRH reading poetry. He’s simply very good at it.”

A royal fan account, @godwitbird, commented, saying: “Thank you. A very fine reading of an incredible poem.

“I would love to hear HRH read others. A comforting voice and a fine interpretation.”

Lois Hollan even wrote: “I think he could have done well in dramatic arts.”

A speech specialist and voice analyst, Judi James, exclusively spoke to Express.co.uk about Prince Charles’ version of the poem and whether it reveals how he will speak as King.

Judi said: “A huge ‘wow’ of respect to Charles for this poetry reading which shows the Prince at his best in terms of vocal skill and understanding of his subject matter.

“Unlike previous Kings, his deep, rounded tone flows almost professionally here.

“Fluidity has never been a trait for previous Kings who have sounded stilted and formal or beset with nerves.

“Charles sounds as though he has no inhibitions here though, meaning he allows his voice to rise and fall like waves.

“His experience on the stage during his university years seem to have given him skills that he will be able to use in his role as King.

“He will be the first King to experience a communication revolution that has brought the royals closer and more accessible and audible via TV and social media, and so an unstilted, more engaging style will be a must.

“Charles’s vocal skills also inform us that he knows, understands and feels his message.

“Reading out loud requires skills of enunciation, breathing and vocal emphasis but if someone is going to sell their message and engage others they also need to show they believe in it themselves.

“This is a complex piece of poetry but Charles shows he understands and feels it in the way that he delivers it.

“There is very little recitation and a lot of explanation.

“He changes the emotion in his tone to suit the sentiments and, if applied to royal speeches and addresses, techniques like this could make him a powerful speaker when he is King.”

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