‘My pal wants to give her twin boys the same name spelt differently’

‘My pal wants to give her twin boys the same name spelt differently’


A worker has spoken out online about the unusual names his colleague had chosen to give to her newborn twins – because he can’t believe how “idiotic” they are.

The person posted on Reddit to ask for advice after telling the expectant mum exactly what he thought of the unusual name choices.

Many parents like to choose names for their children that go together well or even match – especially when it comes to multiples.

But, in the case of these twin baby boys the names matched more than most would ever dare…

Posting on the forum, the colleague revealed that the woman had decided to give her baby boys the same name.

We know, what? Well, it seems the woman decided to give them the same name but with a slight spelling variation.

The office worker wrote: "I cannot believe that there is a split opinion for this at my office, but here we go.

"A co-worker of mine (39F) recently had twin boys after a long battle with infertility. She has made her first appearance in the office with her new babies to introduce them to our team.

"When asked what she had named the boys (as up until this appearance she was undecided) she told me that she was naming them ‘Sean’.”

She continued: "When I asked about the other baby, she said ‘No, they are both Sean, one with an "A" and one with an "E" so Sean and Seen’.

"This co-worker's last name is also ‘Sean’. When I pointed this out she said, ‘Yes, like TomTom or Jay Jay’.

"I immediately and without thinking said, ‘That is the most idiotic thing I've heard, and it's going to be so confusing’.”

Yikes, maybe not the best thing to say…

She added: “A bunch of people laughed and a bunch immediately looked away. After she left, I got a few text messages saying it's not my place to comment on people's choices of names.

"This is apparently not the first round of negative feedback she has had.

"We are on good terms, we have worked together across three companies over 12 years, she just said, ‘it'll grow on you’.

"The names both pronounced ‘Sean’ like ‘Shawn’.”

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But in the comments, social media users agreed with the poster that the idea was ridiculous, reports the Mirror.

One wrote: "I'm an identical twin. Matching names is probably the cruellest thing you could do to a person.

"It's not just confusing. It would keep the twins from developing identities outside their twin-ness.

"You know what happens to twins that can't establish independent identities? At best they need years of family therapy to work through their relationship problems.

"At worst they hate each other."

Another added: "This is child abuse. Having twins is not a reason for you to hinder their personal development (like identity) just because it is 'so quirky'."

What do you think of this idea? Tell us in the comments…

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