I was so desperate to look like Ricky Martin I spent nearly £8k on 30 surgeries – now I look like him but don't want to

I was so desperate to look like Ricky Martin I spent nearly £8k on 30 surgeries – now I look like him but don't want to


A MAN has revealed he has undergone 30 cosmetic operations and spent nearly £8,000 to look like Ricky Martin.

Francisco Mariano Javier Ibanez, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 33, has admitted his addiction to plastic surgery.

He said that his desire to look like Ricky Martin started a long time ago, when people remarked that there was a resemblance between him and the Puerto Rican singer.

Francisco said: "This started a long time ago, when they told me I had an air of Ricky Martin. 

“I took it as a joke, but I started to make some changes and the likeness increased.”

He then decided to go all the way, saying: "I got a photo of him, I realised that I liked him and, like everything in life, when I like something, I go for it.”

However, Francisco, who said he was "born for television and cameras" and "feel[s] incredible" when people ask him for a selfie in the street, now admits that he regrets changing his appearance to look like someone else.

Despite now having spent around £7,290 on cosmetic procedures, he said: “Now I am able to realise that the ideal thing is to be yourself, not someone else. 

“But it took a while to realise that."

In a recent interview on Argentinian TV channel Cronica HD, the Ricky Martin lookalike acknowledged his cosmetic surgery habit, saying: "I think that, at some point in your life, addiction develops and then gets worse."

Francisco spoke candidly about his mental state at the time of the procedures, saying: "When I started to get operations, I knew that things were getting out of hand and that there 

These days, Francisco is a qualified ontological coach, specialising in neurosciences. 

He looks like a completely different person these days, but he had previously told reporters that he was still not used to his new body after seven years of changes.

He made the admission after appearing on a 2018 Argentinian weight loss reality show called 'Cuestion de Peso' ('A Matter of Weight'), during which he lost over 90kg.

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He told TeleShow at the time: "When I went in, I had hypertension, high glucose and muscle aches. 

“As a result of having lost weight, nothing has ever hurt again and I have stopped feeling bad.

"But such a change in life has scared me a bit. It has been a bit like starting everything from scratch.

“Even today, seven years later, it is still difficult for me to get used to my new body. 

“People tell me 'you are divine, look at what you were like before', but it is not that easy."

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