Morrisons customer left in stitches after Pringles substitution blunder

Morrisons customer left in stitches after Pringles substitution blunder


Nothing is worse than ordering your weekly food shop online than to be met with substitutions.

Having your branded choccy biscuits swapped with a value pack can be heart-breaking.

However, this one Morrisons shopper couldn't believe their eyes when their Prawn Cocktail Pringles were replaced with, well, something very un-crisp like.

Taking to Reddit to share their horror over the supermarket swap, the Pringle lover posted a snap of the comparison.

Hilariously, instead of receiving the prawn cocktail crisps, they received a jar of vegan pesto.

The £1.50 tube of Pringles were labelled as out of stock.

But replacing the crisps, the foodie could instead munch on the £2.95 ‘Sacla’ Vegan Basil Pesto.’

The odd substitution has left the Morrisons shopper confused as to why the Pringles were replaced with the vegan pesto as the prawn cocktail crisps are not plant-based.

Sarcastically, the original poster titled the post: “Mr. Morrisons didn't put his glasses on this morn.”

Tickled by the supermarket substitution, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts of the strange replacement.

One person joked: “Totally the same thing. Even the slogans are similar. ‘Once you pesto you can’t rest-o’.”

Another user jested: “Mmm … I do like pesto. I could quite happily curl up in front of the telly with a spoon and a jar of pesto.”

A third person noted: “What's even more confusing is that the Pringles aren't even vegan, because they've got cow's milk in them.”

Someone else stated: “They both have lids.”

Let us know in the comments what the strangest thing you have had substituted in your food shop!

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