Money-saving pros reveal 10 tips to cut your supermarket bills – and the two aisles you should never forget to browse | The Sun

Money-saving pros reveal 10 tips to cut your supermarket bills – and the two aisles you should never forget to browse | The Sun


SHOPPERS are facing eye-watering hikes in the cost of groceries thanks to rocketing inflation. 

But alongside the usual methods of saving on your supermarket shop such as using loyalty points and coupons, there are other savvy ways to slash the cost.

We’ve spoken to money saving experts to share their top tips on how to cut your supermarket food bill. 

Try the world food aisle

“If you’re looking for cheaper store cupboard stables, this aisle typically has great value options on herbs and spices.

"It's also good for essentials like tinned tomatoes and chickpeas,” says Vix Leyton, consumer expert at hotukdeals.

The only difference is that you probably haven’t heard of the brands.

For example, a 400g tin of KTC chickpeas is 10p cheaper in Sainsbury’s compared to its own-brand version. Sainsbury’s chickpeas cost 60p compared to 50p for the KTC tin. 


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Buy wonky fruit and veg 

Misshapen fruit and veg is often much cheaper.

Each supermarket has its own section for these, such as Morrison’s Naturally Wonky, Tesco’s Perfectly Imperfect and Sainsbury’s Imperfectly Tasty.

Lidl also does a 5kg Too Good To Waste box of wonky fruit and veg for just £1.50, available to customers by the checkout from opening until midday. 

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Save as you shop 

If you shop for groceries online, TopCashback has launched a browser extension tool which automatically notifies you of any deals and cashback available when you’re shopping.

This will flag any deals on your food shopping. You can currently get up to 12% cashback shopping online at Iceland and 15% at Tesco. 

Leyton adds: “The app ClickSnap also offers a range of cashback offers on certain products at different supermarkets and members at hotukdeals share the latest discounts and deals they’ve spotted in stores across the country.”

One of the deal spots is a family dine in deal including five sharing dishes for £15 from Marks & Spencer.

Check frozen alternatives

Another aisle not to overlook – think about whether you can buy food items frozen instead.

Faith Archer, money blogger at Much More With Less, says: “Frozen fruit and veg is often cheaper than fresh versions, plus you’re less likely to have to throw any away.

I’m a big fan of frozen spinach in soups and curries, and frozen sliced peppers in stews.”

You’d pay £3.33 for 1kg of fresh spinach in Asda – double the £1.65 you’d pay for the same amount of frozen spinach. 

Shop the bottom shelf

Cheaper priced items are often placed on the bottom shelf at supermarkets. So by squatting down to check out the bottom shelf you may be able to grab a bargain.  

For example, according to research by MoneySavingExpert, at eye level you’d pay about £1.80 for two cans (90p a can) of Heinz Baked Beans at Morrisons.

But on the bottom shelf you can get four cans for £3 (75p a can) or six for £4 (67p per can). The bottom shelf is also often where own-brands and value ranges are kept. 

Buy online at discount stores

Archer says: “If you have a relaxed attitude to ‘best before’ dates and enough storage space, check out sites such as Approved Food and Clearance XL, which sell cut-price short-dated food.

Wade past the snacks and drinks and look for store cupboard staples for less.”

For example, you can get four 400g tins of chopped tomatoes for £1 – a saving of 52p on what you’d usually pay. 

Use food waste apps

The Too Good To Go app matches you with local food outlets that have food left at the end of the day to sell for less.

You pay from £1 to £7 for a ‘magic’ bag or box from a local business that contains a surprise mix of products.

For example, Morrisons does a "Magic box’", which usually costs around £3.09 and will contain at least £10 worth of food. 

Olio is a food sharing app that enables people to share food they won’t use with their local community. You simply sign up, find what’s on offer nearby, and arrange a collection. 

Check weekly offers 

“Look online at what discounts will be in store before you meal plan so you can take advantage of lower prices,” says Naomi Willis, who runs the Skint Dad blog with her husband Ricky.

Weekly offers include Tesco Fresh 5, Aldi’s Super 6, and Lidl’s Pick of the Week.

Lidl is currently offering 750g of Deluxe British Jersey Royal New Potatoes for 79p, compared to the usual price of £1.29 – a saving of 50p.

Try the baby aisle 

You don’t need a kid to shop in the baby aisle, where you can find bargains on things like cotton buds and bath oil.

You’d pay a whopping £9.50 for 500ml of E45 bath oil in Sainsbury’s, compared to £1.80 for the same amount of Johnson’s baby oil. 

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Grab a new customer discount

You can often grab a discount as a new customer.

For example, you can get £15 off a £60 shop at Sainsbury’s on your first order, and £5 off a £45 first online shop at Iceland. 

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