Locals furious as Waitrose converts to Lidl saying it will ‘lower house prices’

Locals furious as Waitrose converts to Lidl saying it will ‘lower house prices’


Residents in Nottingham are furious after Waitrose announced plans to close their local store – which will now be converted into a Lidl.

Waitrose will shut down their Wollaton branch as part of seven massive store closure across the UK over staggering profit losses for the supermarket chain.

Three of their branches will be taken over by Lidl – and middle class residents in Nottingham are upset about the move.

One local shopper Daphne Simspon told Metro.co.uk: "Three quarters of the people who live here are not Lidl customers.

"They expect a higher quality product and this is what you get from Waitrose here. Everyone I’ve spoken to is upset about it."

Another customer, Ian Hall, added: "I’m disappointed. The staff were always friendly and helpful. They’ll talk to you, unlike other supermarkets where they’re trying to rush you out all the time."

"I’ll miss the little things like different types of cheeses. I think it’s going to be a lot more basic with Lidl and that’s the problem.

"We’ll still keep coming here because we live very close but I don’t think we’ll get the same quality.

"It could also drop the price of houses because it went up round here when Waitrose came in."

Home buyers will have to pay £43, 571 more to live near a Waitrose stores compared to any other supermarket giant in the UK, according to research conducted by Lloyds Bank last year.

Houses near Lidl and Asda stores have risen by 15 percent in cost over the past four years, as budget-friendly supermarkets gain popularity across Britain.

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