Lisa Vanderpump Seems Over ‘RHOBH,’ But The Door May Not Be Shut Forever

Lisa Vanderpump Seems Over ‘RHOBH,’ But The Door May Not Be Shut Forever


The ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not all diamonds and rosé for the Queen of Villa Rosa, and she is ready to move on. Well, for now at least. In a new interview with The Daily Express, Lisa Vanderpump talked about leaving RHOBH, and while she seemed extremely over the show, she also seemingly acknowledged that she could change her mind eventually. When the publication asked her if she she will one day return to RHOBH, LVP initially shook her head and said, "No."

But then, according to the Daily Express, she the shrugged and said, "Who knows?" Please do not mind me as I cling to that "Who knows?" and to that shrug with the passion of a thousand suns, because it sounds like Vanderpump has not totally shut the door on RHOBH. Not yet, at least. If LVP has not ruled out the possibility entirely, then we should not rule out the possibility entirely. Not yet, at least.

If she does pull a NeNe Leakes/Bethenny Frankel/Shereé Whitfield at some point, let’s hope she gives herself enough time to cool off. Production began shortly after her brother’s death last year, and it is no secret that the ninth season was a tough one for LVP. She explained to the Daily Express, "I was emotionally depleted. I started filming two days after my brother’s funeral, which was challenging at best. I wanted to take the year off, and didn’t want to be in the emotionally combative situation that Housewives often entails. But I owed them my loyalty, and commitment."

And then, the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice mess escalated like it did, basically capsizing LVP’s bonds with almost everyone on the main roster. "I was tearful most days filming Housewives last season," she told the Daily Express. "The whole cast ganged up on me, and I was just weary." She was sick of "arguing about who said what about a dog," and in the middle of the season, she decided to remove herself from the series.

Backing out of the show mid-season might’ve not been the easiest or most popular move, but sticking around clearly was not working out for her anymore. At the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval told Us Weekly that he "respect[s]" his boss’s decision to exit RHOBH. "Honestly, if you’re in a place where you’re not happy and you’re stressed out all the time, I mean, you got to look out for your mental health, physical health," he said. "You’ve got to look out for yourself, and I feel like she was not in a happy place on that show. It stressed her out a lot, I could tell. When she would come in and film with us, interact with us, I could see the stress that she would bring from filming Housewives, and I feel like she’s been wanting to get out of it for a while."

If she did decide to give RHOBH another go down the road, Andy Cohen would welcome her with open arms and a Beverly Hills Housewives diamond. As he said on his SiriusXM show last week, "The door will always be open to Lisa, as it is when people leave the show." Thank goodness for that diamond-encrusted, rosé-drenched, pink velvet-covered door.

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