‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Hannah snaps at men, declares ‘I don’t want to do this’

‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Hannah snaps at men, declares ‘I don’t want to do this’


Greetings, Bachelor(ette) Nation. We pick up this week with Hannah (finally) telling Luke P. that she can’t give him a rose.

That means he’s going home, right?

If only things were that simple on “The Bachelorette.” 

Hannah explains that their day together wasn’t what she wanted. Luke is confused and frustrated with himself. “All I can say is please think about everything that we’ve talked about tonight and everything from Day 1 – every little detail,” he says. He takes full ownership and wants to move on.

But it’s not enough: “Giving you a rose tonight, it doesn’t make sense,” she says, and wants him to respect her decision to send him home.

Luke is shocked and leaves the building – only to quickly turn back and fight for her anyway. (Luke, she just told you to respect her decision. Where’s your dictionary now, buddy?)

We pick up this week with Hannah (finally!) telling Luke P. that she can't give him a rose. That means he's going home, right?! If only it were that simple. (Photo: John Fleenor, ABC)

He says he wants to move mountains for her and starts yelling. Talking in circles all day was tearing him up inside. Us too, Luke.

Luke tells Hannah that he wants to marry her and that nothing else matters to him. In most circumstances this would be romantic. This is not most circumstances.

Hannah caves (!) and sends him back to join the rest of the contestants – but without a rose. He clues the guys into the situation: There’s no rose, but Hannah still wants him there so he’s headed to the rose ceremony.

She clarifies for the audience: If he can show true emotion he’ll always receive a rose. If he goes back to being robotic, he won’t get a rose. (Cue the dramatic music.) 

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Take Luke to church

Luke stops by a church and (via voiceover) talks about how he intends to be the real version of himself for Hannah, and he’s trying not to mess up his pursuit for his future wife.

Religion also comes up elsewhere in this episode. Hannah tells the group before the cocktail party the Lord placed a verse on her heart the day before about not focusing on the “seen” but on the “unseen.” She wants to know what makes these men themselves, and what pain they’ve endured. She wants to share her own story in return.

Hannah and Garrett chat first. While they have a sweet, brief moment when they discuss their relationship, he quickly pivots to talking about Luke. He wants to know if Luke stayed true to his word about not bringing up any of the other men on his date with Hannah. (Luke earlier told Garrett this was the case.) Hannah drops the night’s first bombshell by saying he did talk about Mike, Devin and Dylan − she, though, is quick note that she was responsible for it.

Garrett confronts him in front of the rest of the men, and the conversation gets so loud that Hannah overhears it while she’s trying to bond with Perfect Man™ Connor. (Yes, we still remember the sticky notes.)

Hannah walks in and tells them to stop. She tells the men to ask her about what happened with Luke because it’s now affecting everything.

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Our Bachelorette explains that she’s aware of what Luke has pulled on the show and is still trying to piece it together. She wants the men to trust her since they obviously aren’t listening to Luke.

Hannah tells them she’s “frustrated as (expletive)” and that everyone should “stay in your freaking lane.” She leaves again, but the fighting continues − so she chugs her drink and heads back down, in an easily GIF-able moment. We’re with you, Han.

She wants Luke to stop making excuses but tells the guys to stop focusing on him.

“Know that I’m a grown-ass woman and, like, I can decide if I want to spend my time figuring all this out or if I don’t,” she says. Then the even harsher words come: “None of you know anything about me and why I’m here.” Feeling defeated and not wanting to talk to anybody − saying “I don’t want to do this” − she leaves again.

Garrett apologizes to the group for his pettiness and Luke (LOL) says he appreciates the apology.

Host Chris Harrison goes to check on Hannah. She explains the drama with Luke is taking up all her time and is hindering other relationships. Harrison says it’s because they’re crazy about her, but so is Luke, and they see he’s getting her attention.

“Believe me, this would be a lot easier for these guys if they didn’t care,” Harrison says. It would be easier for us, too.

Hannah says they don’t trust her enough. Harrison reminds Hannah that everyone (himself included) is there for her and that it’s her party. “Party’s over,” she says. Phew. 

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You get a rose, and you get a rose and … YOU get a rose?!

Jed and Mike already have roses going into tonight. Connor, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, Dylan, Garrett and … Luke (sigh) receive the remaining roses.

Kevin, Grant and Devin are sent packing. Goodbye, gentlemen.

Hannah quickly says goodnight.

Next, the group heads to Riga, Latvia. But before we can get into anything, Harrison visits with Hannah again.

“Can I just have one cocktail party that doesn’t go to crap by the end?” she asks him. Hannah confides she’s trying to not give up but feels like she’s flailing. Same, Hannah, same.

“I just don’t want to give my heart to anybody that doesn’t deserve it, too,” she tells Harrison.

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Whoa, we return to Los Angeles?

In a recap-style segment back in the mansion (Harrison confirmed to USA TODAY in an interview that this was filmed a few weeks after Latvia), Harrison and Hannah chat about all the drama and look back on the season so far.

In case you lost track, they cover everything from Scott having a girlfriend on Night 1 to Cam’s attempt at a pity rose, the Battle of the Lukes and Scotland in general. They also talk about the good events of the season − which, yes, existed. (Justice for Connor and the sticky notes!)

We also learn a few things about our star: She’d only kissed five guys before “The Bachelorette,” and she concedes that Luke is someone she could make out with all day. Ugh.

As for what’s coming up during the rest of the season: Naked bungee jumping, fighting, fantasy suite talk, and a discussion about keeping the marriage bed pure – really!

Plus, someone with a ring in his pocket demands to see Hannah and is ready to propose … but who could it be?

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