Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, May 12

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, May 12



Breaking away from a restrictive situation gifts you with a feeling of freedom. Your actions may take some people who were counting on your support by surprise. Are you letting them down at a crucial time in their lives? Walking away may feel empowering but is it the right time to do so?


It will take you by surprise to find you are being expected to shoulder some responsibilities alone. A system has collapsed and this will have led many people to walk away. The few that are left may have to get together to work out how to deal with this problem. You feel badly let down by someone.


A new friend or partner never seems happy unless you are dipping into your pockets. You hadn’t realised they had such extravagant tastes and you weren’t aware that when you got together you would be expected to pay for everything. Spending lots of money on someone will not buy their love or affection.


Planning a social event, fundraiser or wedding will not be the ordeal some people try to make it out to be. Arranging a big get-together will be lots of fun. You will enjoy creating the guest list, menu and music selections and you won’t intend on skimping on the food and drink.


A youngster at home or younger colleague will rebel if they aren’t allowed a chance to express their views and feelings. It won’t be difficult to sense how frustrated they are feeling and it may be necessary to point out they aren’t being asked to do anything that is unreasonable.


In all relationships you need to set rules and boundaries. You can’t be there to help out every time you are needed. You have your own life too. There’s nothing virtuous about driving yourself to exhaustion because you’re trying to be there for everyone. Start looking after yourself.


You will want to get to know someone better before you feel able to relax with them. In romance you will be open, friendly, warm and witty. In other relationships you will be more restrained. From past experience you know that trust needs to be earned.


Be guided by a strong desire to achieve your personal best. Your intuition is heightened as you sense you are at the start of an exciting new chapter. New challenges you take up now will bring you into contact with people who share your interests.


Social plans already made will be changed. A schedule of events has already been confirmed. You never expected anything like this would happen and these last minute changes will throw everything into a tailspin.


Other people might want to experiment with new-fangled ideas but you won’t be joining them. You feel you will get better results from sticking with the tried and tested and you could well be right. Leave others to try new methods while you continue with what you know best.


Adopting a more positive outlook is putting you on a more rewarding path. You are starting to appreciate the fresh pattern your life is taking. Developments in the family will prompt you to make changes to your living situation. You are determined to bring improvements to your life.


An envious friend will try to stop you from following your dreams. Once you realise they are only thinking of themselves, you will not let them discourage you. Obey an impulse to travel or study. Just be sure to clear dates with your boss before booking a holiday.

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