Forgotten McDonald’s toys including Beanie Babies that could be worth hundreds

Forgotten McDonald’s toys including Beanie Babies that could be worth hundreds


Picture the scene, it's 2000 and you're in the queue for a very rare McDonald's with your mum. Excitement is building, not only for the six Chicken Nuggets you're about to eat but also as you're about to get your hands on the latest toy.

Shiny, plastic, extremely cheap but always the best bit about being a kid, Happy Meal toys have been a staple part of a trip to Maccies since the 80's.

They've evolved with the times and over the years we've seen everything from Minions figurines to Mr Men. While the toys are now plastic-free, don't throw your originals away just yet.

It turns out some of them are now worth quite a lot of money, thousands if you sell a few of your collections. We've crunched the numbers for you and found our top five so you don't have to…

1. TY Mini Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were originally created by American businessman H. Ty Warner. He founded Ty. Inc in 1986. Like us, you probably had a pet net full of them as a little girl or boy.

If you couldn't bring yourself to get rid of them, don't worry. You were smart to keep them as it turns out the full set of mini Beanie Babies from 2020 is currently being snapped up for £260.

In the collection are the characters Blake, Winter, Griff, Neptune, Mino, Percy, Ana, Sage, Levi, Lionel, Phoebe and Weiss.

2. Minions figurines

The adorable minions from Despicable Me first popped up in McDonalds across the UK in 2015 after the release of the film.

Their release wasn't without controversy as raging parents claimed the toys, which were able to speak, said "What the f***". But a spokesman for the creators affirmed that The Minion Caveman spoke 'Minionese', which is a combination of Japanese, French, Indian, English, Spanish and Italian.

Now, after they resurfaced in 2021 Happy Meals for a while, you can get the full set of 62 figurines for £350.

3. Little Miss toys

No one is ever not going to love the Little Miss and Mr Men characters. They were created in the 1970s by Roger Hargreaves and his son Adam.

In fact, they became so popular that there was an animated children's television series about them based on the books.

Since, their creators have written thousands more books about their escapades. Now, all 25 of the 50th anniversary collection of Little Miss toys are being listed online for £450. Don't throw away yours just yet!

4. Pokémon Pokeballs

A Poké Ball (sometimes spelled as Pokéball) is a round device used in the Pokemon series to catch and contain Pokemon. The Poké Ball also serves as a symbol for the series.

In 2019, McDonalds sold Pokemon Pokeball disc shooters for a while. Now, the full set of 12 shooters is available on eBay for £140.

5. Smurfs figurines

The Smurfs were created in 1958 by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford. He was better known by pen name "Peyo" and born in Brussels on 25 June 1928.

Since, they've been pretty much everywhere, and you can even get sweets in the shape of the characters. In 2018, McDonalds released figurines of them in their Happy Meals.

Just five years later, their value has soared to £395 for a part complete set on eBay- 46 of the original 60 characters. You might be in luck if you've got the same number yourself…

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