Adele Praises Miley Cyrus's New Song, Tries Beyonce's 'Mute' Challenge

Adele Praises Miley Cyrus's New Song, Tries Beyonce's 'Mute' Challenge


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Busy night for Adele — not only did she sing the praises of 2 of her contemporaries — honoring them in unique ways — but she continued to do her best Oprah … and killed it.

The singer was performing Friday night at her residency show in Vegas, and there’s a lot of footage making the rounds showing different highlights throughout the night … including one moment where she gushed about Miley Cyrus, and tried her hand at being Beyonce.

On the former, check out this clip of Adele addressing the crowd and talking about how much she loves Miley’s new track, ‘Used to Be Young,’ which is blowing up right now.

Adele says she’s always been a fan of Miley’s and adds that the song hit her in a very personal/emotional way. Welp, Miley caught wind of the compliment and responded Saturday, writing … “.@Adele, I thought of you often while writing this song – always hoped that you would love it. This means the world to me. I love you. Mission accomplished.”


There was another big moment during Friday’s show … Adele attempted to do the viral “mute” challenge that’s been going down at Bey’s concerts lately … where she sings ‘Energy’ and the audience goes completely silent when she hits the lyric, “Everybody on mute.”

It’s all the rage these days, and Adele wanted to see if her fans could do as well as some of the ticketholders for the ‘Renaissance’ tour (especially Atlanta, who really did it best).

Unfortunately for her (and them, we suppose) … the Vegas crowd wasn’t up to the task.

No matter though, because Adele once again proved to be a great showman through and through — yes, that means she stopped and chatted a lot throughout her performance … and very much came across as a naturally-gifted talk show host, not unlike an Ellen DeGeneres.

We mean that quite literally … ’cause Adele was going around and interviewing audience members with a mic and everything — and a certain one-on-one she had with an expecting mom is noteworthy to say the least. Take a listen for yourself … Adele makes a revelation.

You hear that, Rich. Someone’s got baby fever!

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