Diesel Rolls Into Summer at TWA

Diesel Rolls Into Summer at TWA


Inside the airplane docked outside the TWA Hotel at JFK, two ladies, clearly lost, were considering their surroundings. Small tables were strewn with drink pouches, empty but for the neon glowing ice cubes inside, and a tube of blue glitter lipgloss.

“Is this a Diesel party that we wandered into?” one of the women asked, fingering the Diesel-branded fabric swatches laid over the headrest of the vintage plane seats.

Indeed it was. Outside, the crowd thrummed as a DJ pumped music into the open air plaza, flyers queued for taxis at terminal five arrivals across the street. Diesel was hosting a rollerskating bash to welcome summer (and break the post-COVID-19 ice). By 9:30, skates were in short supply as guests — a few of whom were clearly professionals, given the wide skills divide — rolled their way around the rink and paved plaza. Some, after sidestepping up the stairs leading to the plane, rolled their way into the cockpit for a selfie. “Who’s driving the plane?” exclaimed one group, ducking their heads after getting their shot. “We’re leaving now!”

Guests couldn’t resist another prime photo op on the staircase. Miss J Alexander gave an iconic wave from the steps, and midway through the party Jamie Chung and actor Bryan Greenberg gamely posed on their way up.

“It’s so enticing — it’s rollerskating and TWA. We’ve never been here before, and this is our one night out,” said Chung, adding that it’s been awhile since she last laced up. “Elementary school. But I love that it’s making a comeback.”

“I’m more of a rollerblader,” chimed Greenberg.

“That’s how he used to get around for NYU,” Chung said, laughing. “Super dorky, but really cute.”

Naturally, the pair had donned Diesel for the occasion, with Chung opting for a jumpsuit. “I really love the fluid looks and super relaxed palettes; oversize pockets,” she enthused about the new collection. “It’s like tiptoeing back into the real world,” she added, taking in the scene. “This party is like jumping back in.”

The scene at Diesel’s “Summer in the City” party at TWA Hotel. Lexie Moreland/WWD

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