Daily horoscope for August 14: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for August 14: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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The phrase “as above, so below” has never felt more true, as the planetary transits and aspects today will have a huge impact on all of us down on Earth. You might question your self-confidence or life choices, feel aimless and grumpy, or even feel totally drained at the thought of social interactions, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Express.co.uk consulted the experts to find out the daily horoscope for August 14.

There are loads of transits and aspects going on in the sky today, according to the mystics at Cafe Astrology.

This morning, a Venus-Jupiter quincunx is forming in the sky and it might cause a few problems.

The site states that while this is only a minor aspect, it can stir some restlessness and indecision about putting ourselves out there.

It says: “A strong desire for the pleasures of life is in emphasis, although our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs.

“Challenges in relationships today are likely due to overblown expectations.

“Just for now, it can be challenging to find a balance between what we want to do and what we think we should do.”

It’s time to act with tenacity but not recklessness, say the astrologers at Tarot.com.

As an overview, they suggest: “The sensitive Moon sextiling agile Mercury quickens our movements, while the Moon’s square with stubborn Saturn at 11.54am could cause us to be grumpy without quite knowing why.

“The Moon then sextiles Mars, adding to our energy and fire.

“If we don’t direct it well, the Moon’s later opposition to rebellious Uranus could cause us to spin out of control.

“Without a game plan today, we should wait for better timing before making any moves.”

Mars and Pluto are forming a minor square in the morning, so make sure you’re not pressuring yourself too much.

Find a balance between resisting change and forcing change.

Cafe Astrology’s experts said: “Either option can be problematic now.

“We may feel at battle with ourselves and others, as putting faith and trust in people, and perhaps life itself can be difficult.

“There can be a tendency to want to manipulate or connive to get what we want now.

“It’s better to draw upon self-control and wait things out to gain some perspective.”

There is a Sun-Neptune quincunx later in the day, and you may feel a little drained.

The general horoscope reads: “With this transit, we might feel that others are draining our energy, especially if what they want from us is unclear.

“We can be feeling slightly off or out of sorts, and there can be difficulties concentrating or figuring out our next step.

“These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust.

“Incorporating and recognising the need for more imagination in our lives seems necessary now.”

There’s a Quarter Moon in Scorpio 11.19am on August 15, so you might feel the effects of that today.

The Moon spends the day waxing in Scorpio in a square with the Leo Sun, bringing up issues around ego and psyche.

You need to address your trust and control issues today and find the strength to let go of things that are bringing you down, making you feel powerless and causing a lack of self-confidence.

You may feel as if what you want and what you get aren’t lining up, but you need to understand that the Universe is giving you what you need right now.

When the quarter Moon in Scorpio arrives tomorrow, things will be much more positive.

According to Zenren Galazy, this quarter moon coincides with the first day of Venus in Libra, and that is a “really lovely” pairing.

The site adds: “The other fabulous news is that the moon will form a nearly exact trine to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces.

“This should greatly help smooth over any turbulence we encounter.”

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