Chrissy Teigen’s Photo Of Miles Eating Pizza Will Make You Want A Slice Immediately

Chrissy Teigen’s Photo Of Miles Eating Pizza Will Make You Want A Slice Immediately


How is it possible that this celebrity baby gets cuter with every Instagram post? Well, Chrissy Teigen shared a new photo of Miles, and your heart is going to melt even more than it has from all the previous pictures the cookbook author has shared. Let’s just say Miles eating a slice of pizza looks like such a happy time, which is exactly how anyone enjoying the cheesy, doughy, and saucy piece of goodness would probably feel.

Teigen’s picture not only captures Miles’ joyous spirit, but shows that he’s having the best time ever eating pizza. He seriously looks overjoyed in the image. The Cravings: Hungry For More author captioned the photo, "Pizza party!" Anyone else want to have a pizza party with Miles, well, the entire Teigen-Legend family?

The best part about Teigen’s image of bear (Miles’ sweet nickname) is how much it captures his happiness. Of course, he probably gets upset every now and again, but based on the pictures shared by Teigen, Miles just seems like an overall cheerful child. His beautiful spirit is most likely a testament to his parents, who have created a fun and loving home for their kids.

But, really, Miles appears to be loving life. Whether he’s in the comfort of his own home, eating pizza, or on vacation, Miles just can’t help but have a smile on his face.

Teigen and John Legend, who is Miles’ twin, can’t get enough of their kids just like their fans. When it comes to Miles, the Bring the Funny judge understandably wants to squeeze him at all times. Like she wrote on Instagram on July 6 next to yet another super cute picture of Miles, "this face. every day it kills me."

As for Luna, well she is definitely just as squeezable as her baby brother. Plus, the 3-year-old is really funny. Teigen informed Entertainment Tonight at the end of June about Luna’s comedic timing, "

There’s no doubt both Teigen and Legend love being parents. On June 16, The Voice coach told People, "I think we like to share those little moments of our kids just like most parents like to share theirs too. We are enjoying parenting and we enjoy sharing some of that with our followers." He added, "I’m proud of who we are as parents and I’m proud of our kids."

Both Teigen and the musician should be absolutely proud of the parents they’ve become. The proof of how well they’re doing as a mother and a father shows in the photos and videos they post on social media. Miles and Luna seem like happy kids, who love to be with their family. Clearly, Teigen and Legend are doing something right.

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