Sweat-proof makeup tips for sweltering summer days

Sweat-proof makeup tips for sweltering summer days


We’ve been having an on-off relationship with the weather this summer, but there’s some good news – temperatures are set to soar next week.

That being said, humid tube journeys and balmy pavement walks take their toll on our bodies, particularly our faces, and keeping makeup in place during these sweaty days is a notoriously tricky task.

Mascara flicks on the upper eyelids, foundation sliding off and forehead shine are some of the key culprits – but plenty can be done to prevent a full-on makeup meltdown.

We’ve rounded up some of the best beauty hacks for surviving those sweaty summer days.

Powder your upper eyelids 

Those pesky little black flicks that sit between your eyes and eyebrows are caused by mascara touching perspiring skin. If you’re blessed with longer lashes, or prone to oily eyelids, it’s likely this is something you’re already familiar with.

Applying a light dusting of powder to your upper eyelids and brow bone will help stop mascara sticking to moist skin, preventing those telltale black marks.

Make sure it’s a finely-milled, translucent formula, as this will stop makeup looking too cakey.

Reach for the waterproof products

Water-resistant products do just what they say on the tin, and are a sure bet for keeping everything intact.

Many waterproof mascaras are cleverly designed to create tubes around your lashes, that are both sweat-proof and smudge-proof.

Also look out for products containing beeswax – waxy formulas offer a protective film to keep mascara pigments on the lashes and stop them transferring onto the skin.

Eyelids are prone to getting particularly moist (be it from sweat itself, oils excreted by the glands along the lash lines or excess moisturiser), so it’s also worth noting that waterproof liquid eyeliners tend to hold up better than waterproof pencil eyeliner on moist surfaces.

Prep with an oil control moisturiser

Skin prep is just as important as the makeup itself.

It’s essential to keep skin hydrated in warm weather, so moisturising should be a compulsory part of any summer beauty regime.

Opting for an oil-free product will help minimise skin shine – so no need to worry about a greasy complexion.

Lots of oil control products contain SPF too, offering a two-in-one protection.

Grab a setting spray

Setting sprays are designed to keep makeup sitting on your face, by creating a protective barrier on your skin. Those looking to go one step further can apply the spray after each step of a beauty regime, to ensure maximum protection. For example, foundation, spray, bronzer, spray, mascara, spray, and so on…

There are a whole host of products on the market depending on your finish of preference – be it matte, natural or dewy. The Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is one of the most popular, offering cooling, hydrating and oil-control qualities.

Use a primer

Come rain or shine a primer is always a safe bet for makeup longevity. They are especially helpful if you have oily skin – which doesn’t mix too well with heat. 

Primers will stop your makeup efforts sliding off and will help to keep shine at bay.

Go minimal

It’s simple – the less makeup you apply, the less likely things can go wrong. 

Swap a heavy-duty foundation for a tinted moisturiser or a light BB cream on those hotter days for a more natural look. It’ll no doubt be a lot more comfortable too.

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