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Cheap Pandora Charms 2019 | The Sun UK


PANDORA bracelets are crafted to be filled with charms. Whether you love the Disney range or want to gift a precious birth stone, there's a host of gorgeous designs to choose from.

From fighting off evil spirits in ancient times to soldiers collecting trinkets to remind them of their loved ones in World War II, charms have historically brought people good luck.

What are Pandora charms?

They have always carried a special sentimentality, so charms are the ideal present to bring some good vibes to a loved one.

Pandora charms can be a really personal gift. Feline fanatic? Try a silver cat. Disney lover? There are loads. Just want to tell someone you love them? Pick from a variety of soppy engraved love hearts.

If you have a Pandora bracelet without charms, then you’re missing a trick – piled up gemstones and sparkles is the brand’s signature aesthetic.

Wear them on a necklace or a bracelet, stack them up or simply wear a singular stunning design for a minimalist piece.

There are so many cheap pandora charms to choose from, so we decided to help you find the best deals and bargains out there now.

1. Cheap Pandora Charms Under £25

We said we’d find you the cheapest charms – Pandora’s official outlet is where you’ll discover some real hidden gems.

Not only are there charms as cheap as a tenner, but you can also find expensive designs for a reduced price, like this lucky four leaf clover design.

The outlet's especially good if you're looking to stack up some charms on your bracelet, as you could end up buying three for the price of one!

Top left clockwise:

  • Openwork Flower Charm, £15 from Francis & Gayle Jewellers – buy here
  • Precious Girl Charm, £10 from Pandora – buy here
  • Dark Green Clover Charm, £16.99 from Amazon – buy here
  • Beaded Heart Charm, £25 from Pandora – buy here
  • Path to Love Charm, £25 from Pandora – buy here

2. Charms For Less Than £35

Glitter ball

We’ll start with something simple but sweet – a glitter ball charm.

Crafted from a transparent enamel, infused with silvery hued glitter, applied by hand, this will add some shimmer to a plain bangle.

The sterling silver bezel is engraved with Pandora's signature branding. Add some other metallic charms to make it really shine.

  • Silvery Glitter Ball Charm, £35 from Pandora – buy here

Globe trotter

About to bid farewell to a loved one as they spread their wings to travel the big wide world? Gift them this globe charm from Pandora.

For £30, this sterling silver charm is a bargain – especially as the globe is so intricately carved.

It’ll fit wonderfully with some of the landmark charms! And will keep you with that special person wherever they are in the world.

  • Globe Clip, £30 from Pandora – buy here

Cat lady

If your girl’s an aspiring cat lady or just loves lil cutesy things, this sterling silver cat charm’s for her.

In the shape of a cat’s head, it's detailed with an adorable face and whiskers.

In Japan, cat charms bring good luck to their owner.

But it'll make a fabulous tribute to a feline pet too.

  • Curious Cat Charm, £25 from Pandora – buy here

Old romantic

This one’s for all the old romantics out there, or just those girly girl lovers of all things hearts.

Carved in an opulent swirling motif, this sterling silver heart has regal vibes – buy it for your queen.

It’ll add a little bit of love to your bracelet and it won’t clash with any charm, whatever the colour.

  • Regal Heart Charm, £20 from Pandora – buy here

Lucky elephant

This elephant charm isn’t just adorable, it’s also a Buddhist symbol of luck so will bring good vibes to whoever receives it.

For £30, it’s a bargain as this sterling silver elephant is so intricately detailed.

In Buddhism, the elephant represents power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility and general good luck – we could all do with a bit of those.

  • Lucky Elephant Charm, £30 from Pandora – buy here

Do all Pandora charms fit all the bracelets?

Now, when you finally admitted that pendant charms and Pandora jewellery are something you really need in your life, finding out if all Pandora charms fit all the bracelets is crucial.

Pandora released a new ESSENCE collection: there are specific charms design for especially for this collection only and they are not compatible with Moments or Reflection collections.

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