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Best Oven Gloves 2019 | The Sun UK


IF YOU'RE If you’re under the illusion that you don’t need to invest in one of these best oven gloves, then we say think again.

Why? Well, as handy as tea towels are, they don’t always do the job when it comes to lifting a scalding-hot pan from the oven.

Oven gloves or mitts, on the other hand, are extra thick to save our fingers from those dreaded burns. But how do you know a good set from a bad one?

Well, you can always count on a silicone design for amazing heat protection, while cotton versions often come quilted or with extra-thick padding and a steam and grease barrier.

You’ll also want to check the length – some double oven gloves are longer than others, making them easier to manoeuvre, while the length of a single mitt could save your wrist or arm from any burns.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to a double oven glove or a single mitt – some people prefer having a ‘thumb’ to their glove, while others are happy to have their whole hands enclosed. The choice is yours.

Read on for a range of oven gloves that’ll have you leaving your poor tea towel to do what it was made for: drying up.

Taste of the Tropics

  • Sara Miller Toucan Tea Towel & Oven Mitt Set, £35, Amara – buy here

Thought your oven was a scorcher? Well, these flamin’ hot mitts will have you fanning yourself down when you catch a glimpse of their jungle-inspired good looks.

We love that they come as a stylish set, complete with an equally colourful matching tea towel, so you can have a perfectly coordinated kitchen.

Made from 100% cotton, they’re not the longest gloves out there, but the fun toucan design is sure to raise a smile on even the dreariest days.

Fingers & Thumbs

  • Coolskin Cotton Oven Gloves, £20, Amazon – buy here

If putting on oven gloves or mitts makes you feel as though your hands are bandaged up like a mummy’s, then you’re going to love these.

More like traditional winter gloves, the individual fingers of this design allow much more movement and ease of use – although they take a fractionally longer time to slip hands into and we’ll admit they’re not the most glamorous.

Not convinced they’ll keep your hands safe from the heat? Well, they’re made from Meta-Aramid, which is the same material used to protect firefighters. And they are effective up to a scorching 350ºC, which is much hotter than most ovens.

You can also choose from a medium or large, so you won’t have to try and fit into a small size.

Fabulous Florals

  • Sophie Allport Peony Double Oven Glove, £18, John Lewis – buy here

They might be a practical item, but who says oven gloves can’t be pretty, too?

And this peony print from British designer Sophie Allport is certainly that. Ideal for country and aspiring country kitchens alike, these gloves have a lovely long length of 84cm, which makes it easier to carry and reach for trays and pans.

They’re made from cotton, machine washable and – as Mary Poppins might say – practically perfect in every way.

Hand-some Buy

  • Le Creuset Black oven mitt, £27, Debenhams – buy here

If double oven gloves feel too constricting, then try a single mitt like this, with an articulated thumb to give a more secure grip.

And this may be ‘just’ a humble mitt as opposed to some weighty cast-iron cookware, but Le Creuset has invested the same great quality as it does into all its products.

Made from cotton canvas and towelling, with a steam/grease barrier, it also has a stain-resistant coating to keep it in good nick for as long as possible.

A magnet in the lining makes storing it even easier, too.

Bargain Buster

  • Silicone Single oven glove, £8, Dunelm – buy here

Make gripping hot pans a doddle with this durable design from Dunelm. Made from an extra-thick silicone, this effective single glove has a black cotton hem for contrast and its long length means there’s no chance of scalding your wrist or lower arm. It’s also water resistant, so if you need to dip your hot pan into a bowl of washing-up bubbles after, you can. A great product, with a great price too.

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