Back to Broadway & Better Than Ever!

Back to Broadway & Better Than Ever!


In case you haven’t heard, the curtain is back up at the hottest shows on Broadway. Three cast members of the Moulin Rouge! The Musical share their experiences—and why this Tony Award-winning show is a must-see!

Pushing Past the Pandemic
One of the first Broadways shows to go dark because of COVID-19 in 2020, performers went from eight shows a week to zero. According to ensemble member, Samuel Joshua Cahn-Temes, it wasn’t easy. “My mind and body loved the break,” Samuel says. “But I missed dancing that extraordinary choreography, singing those pop songs, and sharing the stage with some of the most talented artists in the business night after night.” And for newcomer Tilly Evans-Kruger who was only a month into her contract, it meant pressing pause on her Broadway debut, which she finally achieved October 13, 2021—the first day she had the opportunity to perform. “I missed watching everyone’s brilliance,” says Tilly. “I’m new to this industry, so I don’t take for granted being able to watch these incredible artists at the top of their game.”

Coming Back to Broadway
For most of the cast, they didn’t believe they were back until they entered the rehearsal studio again. Jeigh Madjus, who plays Baby Doll, was excited and nervous. “I had 18 months to miss every part of the Broadway experience. My body was not ready to go back, but every other part of me was ready to return,” says Jeigh. “If anything, the longing to come back can glamorize how hard the work is.” Buying an elliptical machine helped Jeigh get back in show shape while Samuel rocked bootcamp classes, and Tilly focused on being kind to herself and listening to what her body needed. “I did a multitude of physical activity,” but Tilly says she also made sure she was also caring for her heart and mind by journaling or exploring the nature of national parks.

What You’ll See on Stage
Samuel shares that it is the people that make a show so special, “the company is the secret ingredient to an amazing Broadway experience.” And Moulin Rouge! The Musical wastes no time dazzling their audiences. It all starts with the pre-show, “I get to see the audience as they sit down and enjoy the unknown of what this show will be for them” says Samuel. “At the end of the show, I see the effects of what they just went through, the rainbow of emotions, and the absolute joy that I had a piece of providing for them. That’s my favorite part.” And Tilly adds that she loves every single moment. “It’s just so fun to be a part of a show that I feel I’m allowed to be myself in,” says Tilly. “Moulin Rouge! The Musical embraces the uniqueness of the performers.”

Courtesy of Moulin Rouge! The Musical

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