Money savvy mum says she made ‘the best weed killer’ – and all for just £1.18

Money savvy mum says she made ‘the best weed killer’ – and all for just £1.18


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Bottles or sachets of weed killing solution can easily run into double figures, especially if you’ve got a large area to clear.  But one woman says she’s found an incredibly effective answer that costs just £1.18.

Sharing her discovery on a money-saving Facebook group, she said she came across the instructions for making your own weed killer at home using just a litre of white vinegar and a handful of household staples.

As, like most people, she already had most of the ingredients as they are common household products, she simply bought two 59p bottles of vinegar from Home Bargains and that was all she needed, the Manchester Evening News reports.

“My Mum was talking about the weeds growing up between the slabs on her driveway and path,” said the woman.

“Couldn’t sleep the other night so started googling away. Came across this website detailing how to make your own weed killer at home. Bought the vinegar from Home Bargains (59p for 500ml) and already had rest of the ingredients needed.”

“£1.18 was all it cost, and after using it on Sunday she said it’s the best weed killer ever! Hope this helps someone out.”

All she needed to do was to mix the vinegar with three large spoons of salt, three large spoons of washing-up liquid and pour into a spray bottle.

The good news for anyone wanting to give it a go, is that you can get white vinegar for an even cheaper price. In fact, Aldi sells 568ml bottles for just 32p, while Tesco is even cheaper at 29p. 

Other gardeners took to Facebook to back the mum’s claim that the weed solution works, with one saying: “After cutting the leaves down, I used similar on ivy roots growing in a stone wall and they didn’t return.”

And she’s not the only one to have success with a version of this useful weed killer. Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Alison Riddell wrote: “I’ve tried and tested this method. Use a gallon of white vinegar, one cup of salt and two tablespoons of washing up liquid.

“Mix it together and put on the weeds with a watering can. Within two days the weeds will die and after a week sweep them up.

“I have tried this and it works so well. It’s not harmful to pets because no chemicals, I have a cat. Nothing will clear weeds as new seeds are blown into cracks with wind but just repeat above. It’s the best natural weed killer I’ve tried.”

Remember: White vinegar contains lots of acids which makes it a great weed killer, but when it comes to using this in the garden, gardeners should be careful with it around plants as it could instantly destroy them.

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