Incorporate King Charles’s favourite flowers into your own designs

Incorporate King Charles’s favourite flowers into your own designs


Charles III’s interest in gardening and sustainability is well documented with his spectacular gardens at Highgrove House, his role in the designs at Clarence House and his homes in Scotland and Wales.

And while these magnificent gardens are on a very grand scale, there are elements gardeners can take and incorporate into their own designs.

From including his favourite plant, delphiniums, in a cottage garden design to sowing an area of wildflowers and planting fruit trees, there’s lots of inspiration for keen and novice gardeners.


Delphiniums are said to be the King’s favourite plant and it’s not difficult to see why. These perennials will grow back year after year producing magnificent blooms on stately stems. They come in a huge variety of colours and are a cottage garden favourite.

These majestic plants love full sunlight and a sheltered spot out of strong winds. Try planting at the back of borders for a striking display and with other large plants. Bees love them too – they’re attracted by the strong colours.


Native species, including alliums form part of the wild meadow at Highgrove. These regal plants come in various heights and colours. They create a real presence in the garden and continue to impress long after the blooms fade. These perennials are low maintenance and look good in any garden.

Plant allium bulbs in the autumn and flowering plants in late Spring / Summer. They’ll thrive in a sheltered, sunny spot in free draining soil. If you don’t have the space in borders, these work brilliantly in planters.

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Wildflowers are an important part of the garden schemes at Highgrove. The best way to encourage in your garden is to sow wildflower seeds. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space, you could create your own wildflower meadow. Otherwise try sowing in planters or within your garden scheme to create interest.

Sow seeds now or in late summer around September. Full sun and well drained soil is ideal and try to remove all weeds before you start.

Apple Trees

The kitchen garden at Highgrove has sweet smelling apple trees trained over arches. Creating this is your own garden would be tricky so instead think about planting fruit trees in pots on your patio or within your garden. Just allow lots of space for branches heavy with delicious fruit.

Apple trees are fairly easy to grow, and once established need very little maintenance. Best planting times are between January and March with trees thriving in a sunny, sheltered plot with deep, fertile soil which drains freely.


King Charles has been involved in designs at Clarence House as well as Highgrove. The formal parts of the garden are filled with roses in memory of his late grandmother, the Queen’s Mother. English roses create a stunning centrepiece in any garden with their beautiful, fragrant blooms and stunning colours.

There are roses to suit almost every time of soil and condition so before you buy, think about where you’ll be planting and pick something appropriate. Generally, to get the best out of roses, opt for a sunny spot and allow enough space around it so it gets plenty of light and water.

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