Florist’s tips for keeping fresh peonies ‘looking their best’ for longer

Florist’s tips for keeping fresh peonies ‘looking their best’ for longer


Interflora provides advice on making flowers last longer

Fresh flowers make a great addition to the home during the summer months, but with the warm weather, could decline quicker than usual.

1. Buy in bud

Suzie Wolley, head of flowers at Serenata Flowers, told “For long lasting blooms, it’s always best to buy your flowers in bud before they start to open.

“When you see peonies in the supermarket looking beautiful and fluffy, they are already at their prime and will start to decline soon after, meaning you don’t get to enjoy them for as long.

“Always select the peonies with the biggest closed bud you can find so you can enjoy them opening before your eyes.”

2. Prep your peonies

As with all cut flowers, the first thing Britons should do when they get their bunch of peonies home is to remove all of the leaves which will be below or touching the waterline of the vase.

These are the leaves which will promote bacteria growth, causing the flowers to die quicker than usual.

The expert added: “Cut each stem at a sharp angle to allow for greater surface area for water absorption, while holding it under water so air won’t get into the stem and create blockages.”

Make sure to use the flower food provided so essential nutrients can reach the flower.

3. Perfectly position

Britons should avoid sitting their blooms beside fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples, according to Suzie.

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She explained: “As the fruit naturally ripens, it omits an invisible gas called ethylene which will cause your flowers to prematurely perish.”

Peonies will enjoy a cool spot free from any draughts or direct sunlight, so make sure they are located in a suitable area of the home.

4. Continue to pamper

The florist continued: “To keep your peonies looking their best, change the water and make sure the vase is free from any bacteria every other day, or sooner if it looks a little murky.

“You can create your own flower food by adding a spoonful of sugar to the water, but bear in mind that this will speed up the development of bacteria.

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“We recommend changing the water every day when using sugar to feed them.”

If Britons want to take their peony care a step further, place them in a cool area overnight, such as a garage or garden where they will be nice and chilly before bringing them back in the morning.

Sugar can also be used to feed any other fresh flowers such as roses to help keep them blooming for longer, as long as 10 days.

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