Woman claiming not to have drank any water for a year says it's changed her life

Woman claiming not to have drank any water for a year says it's changed her life


Yoga teacher and nutrition coach Sophie Partik is one of the vocal supporters online of a specific diet called dry-fasting.

The 35-year-old who lives in Bali, Indonesia, claims to have stopped drinking water a year ago, instead getting liquids from fruits and vegetables.

Sophie says it has cured her ached joints, puffy eyes, food allergies, bad skin and digestive issues, although doctors would highly contest this.

She dry fasts (where no food or water is consumed) every day for 13-14 hours – and only drinks ‘living water’ aside from that, having juices and coconut water.

The Instagram influencer, who has 16,000 followers said: ‘I had extreme swelling in my face and joints, as well as puffiness – I was so swollen, I looked sick.

‘The doctors were telling me there is nothing wrong with me and if I’d like to get rid off the puffy eyes I could undergo a surgery.

‘A friend who had tried dry fasting suggested it and I thought I’d give it a try. Pretty much straight away the puffiness started to get better so I wanted to research a bit more.

‘I have been looking for answers all my life and I thought that the universe’s way of sending them to me.’

Sophie claims that bottled water or tap water ‘makes your kidneys overwork’ and ‘makes you feel bloated’ rather than hydrating you.

‘At first it’s tricky because your mouth gets dry and then your brain is telling you that you need a drink,’ claims Sophie.

‘It’s in our mind that we need water, I know I am not dehydrated but it takes patience to overcome our desires

‘At the beginning it’s hard but then It’s very releasing, it’s the best psychotherapy, instead of eating and drinking I have so much time to focus on other things.’

The maximum number of hours Sophie has gone without drinking anything has been 52, but her ‘dream’ is ‘to be able to do it for 10 days’.

Although Sophie says her family doesn’t understand it, she has received a lot of support from social media users, who can see how well she looks.

Sophie added: ‘My family asked me if I’m in a cult when I told them. I have stopped trying to explain because they get even more confused.

‘They can see that I work out, I sleep less than them and I’m glowing and feel super energised. I think I look the best I have ever looked.’

Sophie previously used urine therapy – drinking her own pee – to deal with her health issues. She told Metro.co.uk that it was ‘a great tool for any kind of gut healing, skin healing, fasting and detox support.’

While it’s Sophie’s life to do with what she wishes, it’s worth noting that three days without water can literally kill you.

Water is essential for the organs in your body, as well as urination, which is how your body rids itself of waste.

There is currently very little scientific research around dry fasting, and no proof that any of the health benefits experienced by those who practice it are due to them dehydrating themselves.

The research available normally focuses on Ramadan fasting, which a form of dry fast, but one where you do drink water once the fast is over. This suggests there may be benefits to bone health and blood pressure among other things.

But again, there is still water in the subject’s diets.

According to the American Cancer Society, dry fasting can be potentially lethal in only a matter of hours depending on your overall health, as well as exposure to external stressors, such as heat or heavy exertion.

Although Sophie isn’t drinking water from a tap, she will be getting liquids in the form of the juices and coconut water that she does consume.

Essentially, hydration is still an important part of her routine, even if it doesn’t involve a tap or bottle.

Be safe out there, and try to take health claims you see on social media with a pinch of salt. Or a sip of water.

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