Watch Gal Gadot Try Taco Bell for the First Time with Jimmy Fallon: 'This is the Best!'

Watch Gal Gadot Try Taco Bell for the First Time with Jimmy Fallon: 'This is the Best!'


Gal Gadot is officially a Taco Bell fan!

While guest-starring on The Tonight Show on Monday, the Israeli actress, 35, and host Jimmy Fallon took turns trying foods for the first time. Gadot tasted American holiday treats like eggnog and Ho-Hos snacks, but her favorite item was a Taco Bell taco.

The Wonder Woman 1984 star's first taste of Taco Bell was magical. "This is the best so far," she said as she danced between bites. "Flavorful. It's salty. Different textures. It's really good — I'm going to have another bite."

Gadot wasn't as thrilled about the other snacks she tried, though. The eggnog's texture threw her off: "It's very thick. I don't want to hurt the [eggnog] peoples' feelings," she laughed. "It's not great."

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While Gadot tried some American foods, Fallon tried a few Israeli delicacies including gefilte fish, which is a poached mixture of ground, deboned fish in a jar.

"Honestly, seriously Gal, I swear this looks like floating balls. And it's like a thick gravy juice!" Fallon said apprehensively. He kept delaying taking a bite before Gadot finally yelled, "Just shove it in already! Don't think about it too much."

Eventually, Fallon was pleasantly surprised by the taste: "Not bad, I like it."

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Gadot was on The Tonight Show to promote the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 movie, a sequel to the hit 2017 film about the DC Comics superhero. The film is currently set to hit theaters on Christmas Day after being pushed back.

It was originally scheduled to hit theaters in early June and then mid-August before it got bumped to October, then December 25.

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