Smarties are now available in a bar – with three flavours and paper packaging

Smarties are now available in a bar – with three flavours and paper packaging


When we can’t go out during lockdown, picking up new products in the grocery shop is some of the only excitement we get.

So let’s welcome the news that Nestle has just launched three new Smarties bars in milk, white and chocolate orange flavours.

It’s basically just a slab of chocolate containing lots of the sweets we all know from childhood.

The milk chocolate version has been around before but has been re-launched alongside the new flavours with new packaging.

Instead of the plastic wrapping used previously, all the 90g bars come in paper sleeves that are recyclable.

The sharing bags of the regular Smarties sweets will also now be made from paper.

By April, the brand expects to make all packaging in the UK recyclable and says it is the first global confectionery brand to take this step.

The change is set to remove approximately 250 million plastic packs sold worldwide every year.

You can get milk and orange varieties of the bar in most confectionary aisles but the white chocolate version is available exclusively at Asda.

Each bar costs about £1, though the prices may vary and you might spot it on offer in some stores.

When the brand posted the news on Instagram, people were excited to try them out.

One said: ‘The orange one looks the best.’

Another added: ‘They all look amazing, but we’re especially excited to try the white one.’

‘Love the packaging. Can’t wait to try them,’ someone else said.

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