I tried Subway’s new Buffalo Chicken Sub – here’s what I thought

I tried Subway’s new Buffalo Chicken Sub – here’s what I thought


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Subway has always been my fast food of choice, so when the popular sandwich chain asked me to sample their new Sub, I was delighted.

The Buffalo Chicken Sub is a fabulous choice for all meat eaters, as the succulent chicken is delicious.

Its main component is roast chicken smothered in a Buffalo glaze.

A Subway spokesperson told me: “This is a mix of spices, red chillies, red peppers, roasted red peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, Arbol chilli powder, cumin seeds, chilli powder, habanero powder, Allspice, white pepper, paprika, rice vinegar, salt and unsalted butter.”

It had a little bit of a kick but was still perfect for Subway fans who are a little afraid of spice (like myself).

The Sub is described by Subway as: “Flavour packed marinated chicken breast in a fiery Buffalo glaze.”

And the experts behind the new sandwich suggest that it is enjoyed with one more component – “paired perfectly with creamy blue cheese dressing”.

Subway described this pairing as “mouth-watering”, so it’s certainly worth trying for the ultimate chicken and cheese combo.

I’m not the biggest fan of cheese myself so I went without this add-on, but I’m sure it would be a gorgeous addition for any cheese lovers.

I enjoyed my Buffalo Chicken on 9-Grain Wheat Bread (six-inch), with an array of toppings including sweetcorn, cucumber, tomato, onions and lettuce.

I also asked for a little Sweet Onion sauce, as this has been my go-to since my first ever Subway experience around 15 years ago.

The Buffalo Chicken Sub is fully customisable, available as a six-inch or footlong Sub, or in a salad or wrap.

A 6-inch Sub is priced at £5.09 and contains 315 calories, while a footlong Sub is £7.49 and 630 calories.

Double meat is an extra £1.50 – and you might want to splurge as it is so tasty.

On the Subway app, customers can redeem a free six-inch Sub, Salad or Wrap with 500 points.

With 1,000 points, hungry Subway lovers can grab a free Footlong Sub.

Foodies who want to get their hands on the Buffalo Chicken should act fast, as this limited edition Sub is only available until Tuesday, November 8 2022.

And the Buffalo Chicken isn’t the only delicious new item on the menu.

The Big Beef Sub is back on the menu after four long years costs £3.89 for a 6-inch and £6.09 for a footlong.

A meal deal costs £4.99, and includes a six-inch Big Beef Sub, drink and crisps or cookie.

For those who think a simple sandwich does not suffice, the Cheesy Garlic Slice is now available as a side, costing 99p.

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