Tiffany Trump Rocks Ruby Mini Dress While Returning Home On Air Force One

Tiffany Trump Rocks Ruby Mini Dress While Returning Home On Air Force One


Talk about riding in style. After attending her father’s campaign rally in Orlando with her boyfriend, Tiffany Trump wore a gorgeous red number while getting a lift home aboard Air Force One.

Who needs Lyft or Uber when you can catch a ride on the president’s private jet? After Air Force One touched down at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on June 19, Tiffany Trump, 25, was seen walking to her car while rocking a merlot-red mini dress. The night before, President Donald Trump, 73, and Marla Maples’ daughter joined his siblings to cheer on their father as he kicked off his reelection campaign in Orlando. However, Tiffany’s time in Florida was short lived, as she accompanied her family back to the Washington D.C. area. With her long blonde hair flowing free and while rocking a pair of chic sunglasses, Tiffany beamed as she walked past a security guard.

“We’re home!” she tweeted while sharing a video of her father descending from the airplane. The night before her return to Maryland – Georgetown University Law School, where Tiffany has been studying since 2017, is 30 minutes away from Andrews Air Force Base – Tiffany and her billionaire boyfriend, Michael Boulos, joined the rest of her family to cheer on Trump as he riled up his followers. Tiffany’s stepmother, Melania Trump, 49, was there, along with her siblings Donald Trump Jr., 41, Ivanka Trump, 37, and Eric Trump, 35. Barron Trump, 13, was noticeably absent, but since Donald’s youngest child often skips political functions like this, it wasn’t all that shocking.

Earlier in June, Tiffany and her boyfriend got some downtime by taking a holiday in England. Following Trump’s state visit with Queen Elizabeth II, 93, Tiffany and the London-based Michael were spotted at the Science Museum in the British capital. Tiffany wore a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans, a radical departure from the maroon floor-length gown with white gloves that she wore to the Buckingham Palace State Banquet.

As Trump hits the campaign trail while trying to come up with derogatory nicknames for the seemingly 200+ Democrats running for the party’s nomination, perhaps Tiffany will leave that all behind and hit the beach? At the end of May, Tiffany and Michael were spotted lounging on a yacht with Michael near Cannes. She was picturesque in her perfect choice of swimwear, as she looked utterly sexy in a blue swimsuit. Red dress? White gloves? Blue swimsuit? Tiffany’s wardrobe is practically patriotic!

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