Polyamourous ‘throuple’ claim their three-way romance teaches son, 7, what an ‘honest relationship’ looks like

Polyamourous ‘throuple’ claim their three-way romance teaches son, 7, what an ‘honest relationship’ looks like


A POLYAMOROUS "trouple" have claimed their three-way romance is teaching their son what an "honest relationship" looks like.

Married couple Cathy and Thomas Keen appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss their unconventional set-up with their shared girlfriend Nicole Everett.

The couple have been in a relationship for over ten years and have a seven-year-old son together.

Thomas claims that coming from broken homes meant that closed marriage was "never on the cards" for them both.

Cathy and Thomas were previously in a polyamorous relationship with two other people prior to meeting Nicole – and have made no secret of their open relationship from their seven-year-old son.

The mum said: "He is growing up in a world where he's never recognised a monogamous male-female couple as the norm.

"His uncle is gay and married to a man with an adopted child. We're in a relationship where we show love with other people around him. So he's never known a difference"

However, the 39-year-old mum insists that that they're offering their son "security based on a relationship that's honest."

Although each member of the throuple continues to date outside the relationship, Cathy added: "Our son recognises [Nicole] as someone very important to us."

In an interview with Fabulous Digital earlier this year, Nicole, 27, revealed that Cathy and Thomas' son even calls her "auntie".

What's more, Nicole even used to drop the school drop off when she was temporarily living with her married partners and claims people in the area were "quite understanding" of the dynamic.

What is polyamory and how does it work?

  • A polyamorous relationship is a non-mongamous romance between multiple people instead of just two
  • The polyamorous relationship is usually characterised by one core couple who then invite other individuals into the relationship
  • Couples can either engage with their partner's new love interst together or separately outside of their relationship
  • Polyamory usualy involves having one main partner but having other romances outside of that core relationship

Wanting to challenge the polyamory stereotype, Thomas said: "We're actually quite normal.

"We just have a bit more love to give. It's not just me having two women, it's us having a relationship together."

The "throuple" first got together while Cathy and Nicole were working for Feeld – an app for open-minded couples and singles

Events manager Cathy then invited Nicole into the open marriage but the throuple still continue to date separately outside of relationship with each other.

Although they go out clubbing together at the weekends and sometimes go home and sleep with other people, Cathy said they are ultimately committed to each other, "just like any other couple".

When she was first introduced into the relationship, Cathy joked that her new girlfriend and  husband "were at it like rabbits" while Nicole says she's "having the best sex of [her] life" in a "throuple".

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