People think I get Botox because I look so young – I don’t, I have a budget hack when I sleep which works just as well | The Sun

People think I get Botox because I look so young – I don’t, I have a budget hack when I sleep which works just as well | The Sun


EVERYONE loves a beauty cheat – especially if it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

And a skincare fan has revealed just the trick.

Val, who goes by the name of officiallyval on TikTok, has revealed how to keep your skin looking young and fresh, without having to get Botox. 

Sharing a video of her secrets, she has the camera facing her and says: “If you think I look crazy, it’s because I am crazy.”

Val reveals that her anti-aging secret is to tape your face before you go to sleep.

She says: “So I have been taping my face for a while now and it really works and I love it.”


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Val uses skin tape – what is usually used for bandages and costs around £1 – which is a lot cheaper than Botox, which costs around £100.

Demonstrating how it's done, she says: “So I taped my face last night and the reason I started doing this was because of my eyebrow.

“Because I have very asymmetrical eyebrows.”

She explains how her left eyebrow is “so much higher” than her right eyebrow.

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Val continues: “It’s always been that way it drives me insane, some people don’t notice it but I notice it. 

“So I started taping my brow like this.” 

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She pulls the brow up and has it taped.

Val says: “I did it very gently because you don’t want to create wrinkles here, pointing to top of forehead

“But you want to just lift it up.”

She also places a piece of tape horizontally across her forehead,

I’ve noticed that my nose is so much less puffier in the mornings

Val says: “Because I feel like at night when I’m sleeping, I feel like I scratch up my face because sometimes I’ll wake up with one little fine line and I’m like where is this from?

“So I’ve been taping this here, and I wake up without any wrinkles there.”

Val also has her smile lines and nose tape.

She says: “I’ve noticed that my nose is so much less puffier in the mornings.

“Usually my smile lines are so visible but you can’t even see them now.

“If you have sensitive skin be careful doing this, I personally don’t.

“I wake up with my nose looking really thin, which I love.

“Love it, it really works guys.” 

Val had thousands of people rushing to the comments section in her video.

She even had model and celeb Julia Fox revealing she does the same.

Julia wrote: “Omggg I thought I was the only person that did this.” 

Others didn’t believe that she hadn’t had botox. 

One wrote: “Let’s be real you have gotten (SIC) Botox and work on your face. Let’s be direct.” 

To which Val replied: “LMAOOO why would I lie? I've only gotten a nose job WHICH I MENTION IN THE VIDEO and lip fillers.

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“’ll take it as a compliment, thank you.”

However, many were in favour of the beauty hack with one writing: “My aunt did this for 60 years and her skin was flawlessssss.”

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