Parents share the hacks they use to get their small kids to fall asleep quicker and you'd be shocked with how easy it is

Parents share the hacks they use to get their small kids to fall asleep quicker and you'd be shocked with how easy it is


SOMETIMES putting your kids down to sleep at the end of the day can be a hassle when it seems they still have a huge amount of energy.

Several moms rallied around a four-year-old's parent who found it impossible to get her daughter down without resorting to a screaming match.

In the Facebook group Mindful Parenting, moms revealed their hacks to get their kids ready to sleep for a few hours throughout the night without waking up or getting into bed with them.


One mom shared her experience with her own kids, writing: "I personally didn’t give my kids a day time nap when they were 4.

"My kids are all different and stopped needing a nap at different ages. My youngest slept in the car or would fall asleep if she needed to catch up on sleep or wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t make a point of putting her down for a nap.

"Is it necessary for her to nap at day care? I would explain she doesn’t need the nap as she finds it hard to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

"You could try doing a bed time routine bath, story, lights out/night light on."


A second mom shared that she has a very strict routine with her child during bedtime, claiming: "We have a story snuggled in bed together, then I leave a playlist of stories playing.

"Once those stories finish I leave nature sounds playing all night."


A third member shared her own experience when she was younger and revealed the trick her mom used to put her to sleep.

"My mom used to let me play with stuffed animals in my bed (and read when I got older) for as long as it took me to fall asleep," she revealed.

"I had to be in my bed at a certain time but had the freedom to play in bed still as long as I was laying down.

"It actually made me fall asleep much quicker, I usually would be asleep within an hour or two max, and my mom didn’t have to fight over bedtime because I felt it was a compromise."


A fourth mom suggested talking to the child about why they don't want to go to bed and act on it.

"Have you tried asking her what thoughts are running through her little brain?" she asked.

"When my kids where that age they couldn't sleep because of all the thoughts.

"And then ask them how those thoughts make them feel. That usually gets enough out that they'll fall asleep."

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