Mum shares savvy hack that makes your clothes dry quicker & all you need is a bed sheet

Mum shares savvy hack that makes your clothes dry quicker & all you need is a bed sheet


DO you ever get frustrated when your clothes won’t dry quick enough after you’ve put them on a clothes horse?

A savvy mum has revealed her hack to reducing her drying time – and all she uses is a bed sheet.

TikTok user Laura Williams uploaded a video on her @cleaning_at83 account, and wrote: “Hack for drying your clothes FASTER.”

She added in the commentary: “Everyone hates waiting for their clothes to dry on the airer, am I right?

“Here’s a little hack to get those clothes dry quicker.

“Put the airer next to a radiator, cover it with a sheet, tuck the other end of the sheet in the back of the radiator and then make sure the heating is on.”

Her helpful video has racked up over 16,000 likes and people said they were keen to try the tip.

One said: “I love your idea.”

Another added: “What wait. I’m 50. I’ve never tried this.”

A third commented: “try that but with a fan pointing at it instead of a sheet over it. trust me.”

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