Keep your gut healthy & boost your wellbeing with top prebiotic products

Keep your gut healthy & boost your wellbeing with top prebiotic products


KEEPING your gut healthy is one of the best things for your physical and mental wellbeing.

And one of the best ways to do that is to take prebiotics.

We look at good ways to get these intestine-friendly nutrients and our Beauty Editor puts some shimmering body moisturisers to the test.


with Jane Atkinson


  • Moju shot. £27.80 for 2L, 84p per shot, – buy now.

MOJU has just launched a new prebiotic shot.

It contains chicory root inulin, baobab, golden kiwi and green banana that are proven to reach the lower gut where they are then able to feed the good bacteria, helping them to thrive and multiply.

I loved the gorgeous tangy raspberry and lemon flavour.


  • Bio&Me, £1.80 per 350g pot, – buy now.

Dietician Dr Megan Rossi is known as The Gut Doctor.

She co-founded Bio&Me, which has just launched a new prebiotic yoghurt with 700billion live cultures – more than any other brand in the UK.

The range comes in original, vanilla and mango. I loved them.


  • Enzymedica’s prebiotic superfoods drink mix, £29.99 for 30 servings, – buy now.

Enzymedica’s prebiotic superfoods drink mix contains 50 fermented superfoods that are perfect for nourishing the gut with fermented barley grass and fibre from acacia gum and plant sugars that work together to feed the probiotics.

Has a tasty, green apple flavour. It’s a bit grainy but not unpleasant.


with Gabriella Stein


  • Sanctuary Rose Gold Radiance Shimmer Luxe Body Butter, £14, 300ml, – buy now.

An iridescent and moisturising shimmer body butter to leave skin super-soft, hydrated and glowing with a subtle, pearly lustre.

This contains nourishing shea butter and rosehip oil.

This is a soft body butter so it just sinks straight into your skin leaving a rose glow. I love it.


  • Show-off Super Hydrating Shimmer Lotion, £24, 250ml, – buy now.

Described as an intensely rich lotion that transforms even the most severely dehydrated skin and gives it a sparkling glow of fairy dust.

I loved this as a body lotion. It moisturised because of the white truffle oil, avocado oil, white tea leaf and vitamins C and E.

But a bit too much fairy dust glitter!

Maybe for Ibiza, not Manchester.


  • Pro Body Glow,£29.99, 85g, – buy now.

It took BuzzBalm Beauty and celebrity make-up artist Armand Beasley a year, and over 50 formulations, to create this all-natural formula which gives an instant, non-greasy shine and long-lasting smoothness.

Contains extra-virgin olive oil, melixir honey, propolis, beeswax and frankincense.

Looks like Vaseline but melts into your skin, for a glow that reflects beautifully.

Great on tanned legs for a night out – or for parched lips. No scent and lasts for hours.

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