I’m an organisational expert – the simple method you need to sort out toys in seconds… and the kids can help too

I’m an organisational expert – the simple method you need to sort out toys in seconds… and the kids can help too


THERE are few things more soul-destroying than walking in to your child's playroom and seeing toys EVERYWHERE.

But what if you could organise all their bits and pieces in seconds?

Organisational expert Jan Spencer-Kelly, of orJANise Life Coaching, has shared her best tips to help keep things neat and tidy in all areas of the home – including the playroom.

"My biggest tip and my method is to keep it as simple as possible,
especially if you are wanting the children to tidy up after themselves after a play session," she explained.

"Having picture labels on storage boxes helps small children
learn where to put things so having a picture of a car or a doll for example will help children know where to put things.

"The easier the system, the easier it will be to tidy up."

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When it comes to smaller toys, or ones with lots of pieces – such as Lego or board games – Jan is a big fan of using plastic zip bags.

"Cut the picture off the box and put in any instructions," she said.

"If you need more than one bag then label these 1 of 2 etc."

For general Lego pieces, ie the ones not in sets, sorting it by colour is a good way to keep it organised.

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 "If sorting by colour or size is not your thing, storing things in clear boxes makes the contents easier to see," she added.

"Stackable clear storage boxes with lids are great for this as you can immediately see what is inside."

For soft toys, Jan advises "thinking outside the box" by perhaps using a large beanbag cover to store them in – it works as a seat as well then.

Or use otherwise "dead" space higher up on the wall.

If you do do that, remember to regularly get the toys down and give them a shake outside or a wash, as soft toys are massive dust collectors.

"Sprinkling them with bicarbonate of soda will keep them fresher," Jan added.

And having a set system in place will not only help make the parents happier, but the children too.

"Encouraging children to tidy away their toys and do other age appropriate chores will also help them to learn and build life skills," she explained.

Things should be as easy as possible to make the organisational systems easy to stick to."

"Clutter and lack of organisation have serious implications on mental health, in a world where so much is going on, our homes should be a stress free, warm, safe and relaxing environment where families can spend quality time together."

By implementing Jan's simple organisation system, she promises you'll be "organised for life".

But that's not to say it's just a one-time sort out and then you can forget about it.

"In order to remain organised for life they need to regularly review and maintain their organisational systems," she said.

"Once great systems are put in place that are simple and easy to follow they quickly become habits. 

"Some degree of discipline is involved in keeping things organised and this why I continually stress that things should be as easy as possible to make the organisational systems easy to stick to. 

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"If everything has a place then putting things away, tidying up after cooking or playing with toys, putting the laundry away once done and keeping on top of things should take a very small amount of time daily and getting the whole family involved and responsible for keeping their own possessions in check will make the whole process so easy!"

Concluding, Jan stressed: "Don’t let systems slide, don’t let excess clutter back in and if a system is not working, review and adjust."

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