I’m a mom – I’m shamed for letting my three-year-old cuss & giving him unlimited screentime, but I don’t care | The Sun

I’m a mom – I’m shamed for letting my three-year-old cuss & giving him unlimited screentime, but I don’t care | The Sun


PARENTING is a personal decision, but when one mom shared her strategies for raising her toddler, commenters said he would grow up to be a "menace to society."

The mom insisted feels no shame about her choices, even though some parents questioned why she confessed her philosophy online.

When Kelsie Long detailed her parenting mindset online, she knew what she was getting into.

The caption on her TikTok video read, "Y'all are gonna come at me HARD for this one."

"Here's some things I get mom-shamed for that I just really don't give a s**t about," she began.

Long said that her three-year-old son has "unlimited screentime," with a number of devices including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and cell phones.


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That's right – cell phones, plural. "This kid has two phones so when one dies, he can use the other one," Long said.

She "doesn't give a single f**k" about her son's potty mouth, either.

"When my kid gets frustrated, he'll cuss," Long explained. "I let him do it. I think it's the funniest thing in the whole wide world."

Long said that because she curses, too, and understands her son's frustration, she sees no need to stop him. Plus, it's "kinda cute," she added.

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Next, Long shared a parenting decision she's been working to change before her son starts school: he has never had a bedtime.

Though she's trying to establish an eight o'clock bedtime, Long said the process isn't going perfectly.

"Tonight, it is midnight, and he is still awake because we did accidentally fall asleep at six o'clock," she confessed.

And her final controversial opinion was on co-sleeping, a habit Long doesn't intend to break anytime soon.

"Will he be four years old in September? Yes he will," Long said. "Does he start school in August? Yes he does."

"Does he still sleep with me?" she continued. "Abso-f***ing-lutely."

Long said that she loves sleeping with her "cuddle bug" so much, she's reluctant to give it up even as he preps for the new school year.

"I dread the day when he is older and sleeps by himself," she said.

As Long predicted, viewers shared their judgments in the comment section, with a few people jumping to her defense.

A few called Long's son a "future menace to society" while others said "the cops will teach him" whatever she does not.

Other moms were more understanding. "Co-sleeping I can get on board with," one wrote.

"The others you may have troubles with when he's older," she continued. "No shame. Just advice."

"I hear a mama who loves her child," said another supportive parent.

"Getting him into school is going to be a big issue for you. Everything you allow, school does not," one person wrote. "Praying for you lol."

Long argued that it wouldn't be a problem. "I don’t think he will cuss at school," she said. "He only does it around me and only when he’s very frustrated."

"Girl, come onnnnn!" responded one exasperated viewer, who insisted Long's child would suffer because she was too easygoing.

"They literally have to have routine and discipline," the viewer said, "or they have no clue how to be normal."

And a few commenters openly questioned why Long would share her controversial beliefs at all if she knew they'd draw criticism.

"I just don't understand why you would put this on here, to get 'mom shamed'?" a viewer wrote. "I wouldn't, but that's just me."

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