I'm a cleaning whizz – my 27p hack will rid your bin of maggots & it's SO easy | The Sun

I'm a cleaning whizz – my 27p hack will rid your bin of maggots & it's SO easy | The Sun


A CLEANING whizz has shared their top tip for ridding your bin of maggots – and it couldn't be cheaper.

A follower of popular cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch took to Facebook to reveal their strategy, and all you need is one household item – table salt.

Amassing over 4 million followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch has built a legion of fans thanks to her handy cleaning hacks.

Posting on a Facebook fan page for the cleaning enthusiast that hosts over 100,000 followers, one woman asked for help after discovering maggots in her bin.

She wrote: “My outdoor bin has just been emptied by the bin men and there are maggots in the bottom.

“Does anyone know, once I’ve cleaned it out, what I can use to deter the flies from my bin?”

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The post quickly garnered a wave of helpful cleaning ideas, but one shone out above the rest.

The top tip said: "My mum had this problem. We put table salt into the bottom of the bin and left it for a couple of days.

"Went down today and just tipped the salt out along with the dead maggots."

The salty solution was widely praised by other followers, especially as it will set you back less than 30p.

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One said they have "never had a problem" with insects since pouring salt into their bins, adding that they "jet wash my bin out" first to make sure it is clear.

Another commented: "Sprinkle a generous amount of salt in the bin each time you put something new in it."

Alongside using salt to keep the wriggly creatures at bay, others recommended bleach, baking soda, or disinfectant.

Someone said: "We scrub ours out with hot water and bleach, then empty the liquid away and pour some Jeyes Fluid around the inside of it.

"Works for me, I even put a drop of fly killer in it once it's dry."

Another commented: "I just leave a little bleach in the bottom of the bin no problem since."

And a third wrote: "Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the bin every time it's emptied."

Mrs Hinch fans looking to keep other creepy crawlies out of their homes recently shared their top tips for stopping spiders from getting into your home.

Solutions ranged from spider spray, peppermint oil – to even using conkers!

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