I’m a bra expert with 26L boobs – my simple hacks ensure your undies are never exposed under your top again | The Sun

I’m a bra expert with 26L boobs – my simple hacks ensure your undies are never exposed under your top again | The Sun


A LINGERIE guru has shared her favorite bra-related products to ensure that women always look their best when wearing any top.

Expert Madison Alexandra said that it's important to make sure that the band and cup of your bra are the right sizes when purchasing these items to prevent any style mishaps.

Lingerie expert and fuller-bust model Madison Alexandra boasts a 26L bra size and founded a bustling Bra School online that provides easily accessible resources for fellow women with full busts.

The Harvard music school graduate finished her debut pop album right before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and went viral in 2020 for the bra-related instructional fitting videos that she claimed filled a gap in the market for fuller-bust representation.

"I'm like the reverse Rihanna, lingerie to music,” she humorously shared in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

In the interview, she covered a range of topics including her top brand recommendations that don't break the bank and fun tricks to make sure women don't expose themselves when wearing an ill-fitting bra.


I have 26L boobs, an ill-fitting bra put me in a neck brace…how to get the fit

I’m a 26L bra expert, budget-friendly recommendations for fuller-busted women

Alexandra has been very vocal about her bra journey, which began when she was 26 after she was diagnosed with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which gave her extremely painful and rapid breast growth that she still experiences to this day.

Her desire to educate others about fuller-bust breast health came from her own lack of knowledge about the proper fit of a bra, which she herself learned after extensive research.

Finding the right undergarment to wear with the right top can be a challenge for many fuller-busted women, but the bra expert has shared her recently acquired hacks that make sure her bust is lifted and nip-slip proof.

"It's called solution wear," she further explained.

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Solution wear is comprised of a myriad of items that are manufactured for specific purposes, such as to wear with a low-cut or low-back top or to go braless but still feel like your breasts are supported.

Alexandra shared with The U.S. Sun a few of her go-to pieces that come in all sizes for all women.

One of the first bras she mentioned was the Curvy Kate Lux Strapless bra, $77, which is actually what she wore on her wedding day.

"It's a good strapless bra, especially for those with a heavy chest," she declared. "Make sure you fit correctly into it because if the band is too big, it won't stay up."

She also went into further detail about the proper way to try on a bra and signs your bra isn't the right size in another exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

The digital creator is definitely no stranger to the bra game and also offered some products that cater to people who want the option to go braless.

She highly recommends the Nippies by B-Six, $25, because they last a long time and come in different colors and different sizes.

The company also has adhesive nipple covers, $26.50, that come in many skin-color shades, from creme to espresso.

The bra expert said she's not as informed on boob tape but has tried it and shared a video of her first time trying it on her TikTok.

"It has more to do with skill level," she added.

Though if there was one boob tape she would recommend, it is the Brassy Bra tape, $38, which she said is “best for a fuller bust because it is one solid pad of tape."

Brassy Bra is designed to fit cup sizes that range from an A to G and stretches along with you as you go about your day.

Her absolute favorite piece of solution wear is the backless and strapless Misses Kisses Plunge Bra Kit, $127.

She loves it so much and that is further emphasized by the many TikTok videos she's made about the product.

"It's good for anything with a low back, but you can’t wear it for thin dresses like satin," she claimed. "It's good for a deep V wedding dress with a low back."

Above all, she said that at the end of the day, everyone's unique body shape plays a big deal in what kind of bra or solution wear article to put on.

Alexandra has also picked up some tricks of the trade throughout her career of ensuring that all fuller-busted women are lifted and supported in their bras.

She reiterated the importance of seeing an expert fitter, which can be found in lingerie boutiques or even your local Nordstrom.

Lingerie company Bravissimo has a storefront in New York City that does bra fitting on location and virtually for free, which bra brand Curvy Kate offers as well.

"Educate yourself and seek out fitters because it's a way better use of time than obsessing over why it [the bra] won’t fit," she stated.

Special occasion bras like theCurvy Kate Luxe Bra might last a bit longer, but the fuller-busted woman said that bras have an expiration date while your "daily workhorse bra only lasts a year."

“If the strap is popping off or it’s too old, replace it because it shouldn’t be happening," she added.

She emphasized that women need to know that they should be getting a bra fitting every six months because of weight fluctuations, and for their health overall.

Alexandra's online content isn't only educational.

She has fun as well and shared that she is a "huge proponent of lingerie as outerwear,” as shown by her many videos about it.

As the visible bra trend seems to be creeping back into style, her main concern has to do with whether it fits well and doesn't hurt.

"The rules I give people are if it’s gonna be the focal point of the outfit, pick a fun one," she said.

She explained how chic it is to “use the bra as inspiration and carry it through the outfit” by pulling outside fashion elements into it to make a statement, like a black sheer top over the bra.

As for what's next for Alexandra, there are some cool projects in the works that she said she is very excited about.

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"I am very excited that I'm getting my first custom bra made," she gushed. "

She is also looking forward to continuing her music career and using her platform to further propel her closer to her dreams in the entertainment industry.

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